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College Art Association


Art Bulletin Editors-in-Chief

The editors-in-chief of The Art Bulletin have all been distinguished scholars in the field, and their editorial programs have reflected the major developments in art history and visual studies over the past one hundred years.


Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer (2017–2019)
Kirk Ambrose (2014–16)
Karen Lang (2011–13)
Richard J. Powell (2008–10)
Marc Gotlieb (2004–7)
H. Perry Chapman (2000–2004)
John T. Paoletti (1997–2000)
Nancy J. Troy (1994–97)
Richard Brilliant (1991–94)
Walter Cahn (1988–91)
Richard E. Spear (1985–88)
Creighton E. Gilbert (1980–85)
Kathleen Weil-Garris (1977–80)
Howard Hibbard (1974–77)
John Rupert Martin (1971–74)
Donald Posner (1968–71)
Bates Lowry (1965–68)
H. W. Janson (1962–65)
David R. Coffin (1959–62)
James S. Ackerman (1956–59)
J. Carson Webster (1953–56)
Wolfgang Stechow (1950–52)
Charles L. Kuhn (1948–49)
George Kubler (1945–47)
Rensselaer W. Lee (1943–44)
Millard Meiss (1940–42)
John Shapley (1921–39)
David M. Robinson (1919–21)

From the journal’s founding in 1913 until 1918, The Art Bulletin was governed by a Publications Committee.