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Michelangelo & Sebastiano Conference at the National Gallery, London, 23-24 June 2017

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Posted by: The National Gallery, London
Deadline: Fri, June 23rd, 2017

Michelangelo & Sebastiano

An Academic Conference about their Art and Collaboration

June 23-24, The National Gallery, London

A two-day international conference on Michelangelo and Sebastiano del Piombo, exploring their unique creative relationship, their lives, times and, most importantly, their art — art that helped shape the development of the Western tradition

To coincide with The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Michelangelo & Sebastiano, this academic conference gathers international experts who will share their research on a range of subjects, including the individual practices of the two artists in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Areas examined will include the artists’ creative processes and studio practice, with results drawn in part from technical analysis; the intellectual and theological context of their work; their patrons and commissions; and their artistic and historiographical legacies, as well as the creative work that went into the exhibition itself.

Keynote lectures will be given by Professors William E. Wallace (Washington University, St Louis) and Paul Joannides (Emeritus, University of Cambridge).

Please note that the three papers in the afternoon session on Friday 23 will be presented in Italian. Extended English abstracts will be provided for these papers.


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10am: Registration and coffee

10.30am: Welcome from Gabriele Finaldi, Director, The National Gallery

Keynote lecture: William E. Wallace, ‘Michelangelo Learns to Collaborate’

11.30am: Jill Dunkerton and Rachel Billinge, ‘Sebastiano and Michelangelo: Infrared Insights into their Collaboration’

Sheryl E. Reiss, ‘A Medici Patron through Artists’ Eyes: Giulio de’ Medici, Sebastiano, and Michelangelo

12.30pm Costanza Barbieri, ‘Sebastiano as portraitist: new documents and hypotheses of identification’

1pm: Lunch (not provided)

2pm: Simonetta Antellini, ‘"..può sospettarsi che fosse aiutato nell’invenzione.." - l’originalità compositiva della ’Nascita della Vergine’ di Sebastiano del Piombo’ [in Italian]

Daniela Luzi, ‘"Il bel secreto": Sebastiano’s experiments with oil painting on natural and artificial stone in the Chigi Chapel’ [in Italian]

Oriana Sartiani, ‘A portrait of Michelangelo attributed to Sebastiano del Piombo: Diagnostics, discoveries and treatment’ [in Italian]

3.30pm: Tea and coffee break

4.15pm: Carlo Piga, ‘Pierfrancesco Borgherini: Florentine banker of Renaissance and refined patron, between Florence and Rome’

Stefania Pasti, ‘Sebastiano del Piombo and the sources of the Borgherini Chapel’

5.15pm: Christian Kleinbub, ‘Michelangelo and Raphael: Rebalancing Accounts’

Charles Robertson, ‘Michelangelo’s ’Last Judgement’. Sebastiano’s contribution’

6.45pm: Close



9am: Private View of ’Michelangelo & Sebastiano’ exhibition (North Galleries)

10am: Registration and coffee

10.30am: Welcome from Matthias Wivel, Curator of 16th-century Italian Paintings, The National Gallery

Keynote lecture: Paul Joannides, ‘Sebastiano’s Supports, Surfaces and Textures’

11.30am: Joost Keizer, ‘Michelangelo & Sebastiano: Painting & Transgression’

Silvia Danesi Squarzina, ‘Michelangelo’s Naked Bodies: Meanings and Anatomy’

12.30pm: Lunch (not provided)

1.30pm: Piers Baker-Bates, ‘”Quel buen fra Bastiano del Piombo (That good father Sebastiano del Piombo)”: Sebastiano’s Spanish fame’

Andrea Donati, ‘Michelangelo, Marcello Venusti and the legacy of Sebastiano’

2.30pm: Tea and coffee break

3.15pm: Peter Schade and Lynn Roberts, ‘Framing Sebastiano’s The Raising of Lazarus’

Adam Lowe, ‘The Borgherini Chapel rematerialisation’

4.15pm: Matthias Wivel, ‘Reflections on Michelangelo & Sebastiano’

4.45pm: Close



Posted on Thu, May 4th, 2017
Expires on Fri, June 23rd, 2017

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