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That's What She Said

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Posted by: 8th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art Scranton, PA
Deadline: Sun, February 18th, 2018
"That’s What She Said"
That’s What She Said- A quote made famous by characters in the American version of the television show, "The Office", which takes place in Scranton, PA.  This phrase is one that is said to create a sexual joke about something mundane. The saying used by the characters on "The Office" show often flips the meaning of an initial statement to make it humorous. Considering the statement on its own, “That’s what she said,” can take on various meanings. It can imply recalling conversation, gossip, history, affirmation, empowerment, and it can be placed around the framework of a feminist lens. 

This exhibition is being presented specifically for the 8th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art to engender a conversation about how feminism fits into the contemporary art landscape while considering the history of industry, materiality, and context. This exhibition will bring together various perspectives on how feminism and cast metal relate. ICCCIA is seeking artwork to be part of an intersectional exploration of contemporary feminism’s role in opposition to the current cultural and political climate.

We are interested in exhibiting all manifestations of feminist art from makers of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. All media including performance and installation will be accepted. Work created in cast metal is strongly encouraged.

The exhibition will be held at:
AFA Gallery
514 Lackawanna Ave
Scranton, PA 18503

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 18, 2018

Exhibition: May 28-June 30, 2018

JUROR: Xalli Zúñiga
Xalli Zúñiga is a Mexican artist whose work primarily focuses on using drawing as a relational tool from which to empower people by means of exercising radical empathy. Drawing in this sense works as an expansive practice that reimagines people’s way to interact with the world, and thus transgresses normalized discourses of identity politics and capitalize culture.  Xalli understands art as a place where both ideas and materials merge in the same complex phenomenon of creation.  She has used drawing as a means to critically contest narratives of oppression by means of an unrestrained imagination during the experimental workshops she conducted in Lusaka, Zambia, and Chiapas, Mexico.  Xalli has a master’s in cultural theories on identity from three universities in Europe, and she is currently completing a PhD in Art Education at the Pennsylvania State University  The project she performed during her summer of study in Ireland, "Political Portrait," was awarded with the Dorothy Hughes-Young Endowment Scholarship for Art Education in 2017.


Media: All media including performance and installation will be accepted. Work created in cast metal is strongly encouraged.

Number of entries: Entry is limited to pieces per artist. The curator reserves the right to disqualify any work not reflecting the specifications of the exhibition. 

Form: All entries must have a completed entry form (ENTRY FORM) or the works will not be considered.
Entry specifications:

All submitted images must be named with artist’s last name (underscore) entry number (corresponding to the entry number on the application form). For example: Jones_1.jpg. Please DO NOT include any other information in the  name, such as title of work, etc. 
Images  should be in HIGH QUALITY JPEG format. Images should be no smaller than 1200 pixels in any direction (about 13”) and a resolution of 72 ppi. Be sure you are sending files at the correct size AND that your email software does not automatically downsize the attached images when sending. 
Images must be oriented properly (i.e. top of image is top of artwork) and should not include text info or borders that are not part of the actual work. 
Detail images, if necessary, must include the word ‘detail’ in the file  name (i.e. Jones_1detail1.jpg). 

Entries must be received no later than 11:59pm EST on Sunday, February 18, 2018. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.

ENTRY FEE: There is no fee for this exhibition.

Email entries to (use ‘That’s What She Said’ in the subject line).

All pieces must be delivered to AFA Gallery, 514 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, PA 18503, no later than  May 19, 2018.
Work may be shipped via mail (USPS and UPS are accepted shipping methods to the gallery).
Accepted works may be hand delivered to AFA Gallery during normal business hours.
Artists are responsible for shipping or hand delivering their work to and from AFA Gallery.
Return shipping must be prepaid by the artist and enclosed with the artwork. Please use sturdy, reusable packaging.  
All accepted works must arrive ready to exhibit. Two-dimensional works should be framed and wired. Three-dimensional works must include specific instructions for assembly or display. 
AFA Gallery reserves the right to reject works that differ significantly from the images originally submitted.
 Work left uncollected will be disposed of at the discretion of the AFA Gallery and the ICCCIA.

AFA Gallery retains 20% of the sales price for all works sold during the exhibition.

All possible care will be taken in the handling of entries. Entrants accept that the AFA Gallery, its staff, employees, volunteers, and governing boards are not responsible for loss of or damage to any entry. 

CONTACT: Katie Hovencamp, Curator
AFA Gallery
514 Lackawanna Ave.
Scranton, PA 18503

Posted on Tue, January 2nd, 2018
Expires on Sun, February 18th, 2018

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