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Art in State Buildings Public Art Program Call for Artists

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Posted by: University of West Florida
Deadline: Fri, April 13th, 2018

Art in State Buildings Public Art Program Call for Artists

Project # UWF 1516-089:

University Park Center, University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida

Budget: $25,000.00

Submission Deadline: April 13, 2018

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Project Brief

Through the state of Florida’s Art in State Buildings Program, the University of West Florida seeks proposals for existing or new public art to be installed permanently in or on the grounds of the University Park Center currently under construction.  This building is a multi-use space that will be occupied primarily by the USHA Kundu College of Health, UWF Athletics, and FSU College of Medicine. A pedestrian boulevard will lead visitors around the southeast entrance of the building to the football field located on the north side. 

The architects designed the interior collective spaces as large community areas to actively engage students and faculty. Tall ceilings and large windows have been incorporated with patterned floor finishes and brushed metal surfaces to increase the energy of the space. A relaxed style of furniture gives the areas on the first and second floor an informal atmosphere. The hope is that with the addition of artwork these multi-use community areas will facilitate on-the-spot discussions and the sharing of ideas. Two-dimensional work, stained-glass, or relief sculpture would be ideal for the interior space. The southern exterior has been designed to function as a public plaza and would be the primary location for sculptural work.

Artists may submit letters of interest and qualifications, along with images or project renderings, to be considered for permanent installation.  The call is open to all professional artists working in any two or three-dimensional medium. The committee is currently accepting proposals for both outdoor and indoor works of art.  The artworks will be maintained and owned by the University of West Florida.

Proposals for outdoor work need to include materials and designs that are durable enough to last through potentially severe and hazardous weather, including tropical activity and high winds over a long course of time without extensive maintenance.  Final installations must meet all current applicable codes. UV-resistant and rust resistant materials should be used.  Artworks should be constructed to reasonably discourage theft and vandalism and must take into consideration the ground surrounding the piece.  Include plans for nighttime lighting.

*Please Note: The proposed artwork(s) is/are intended to be installed permanently. Please allow for, and include, maintenance budgets and guidelines. Additionally, the budget is a "project budget" and is used for all related costs to the project including the selection, fabrication, installation, and maintenance processes.


University of West Florida

Located in Pensacola, Florida near the Gulf of Mexico, the University of West Florida is a creative, student-centered state institution focused on excellence. Our Mission at UWF is to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate education, conduct teaching and research that services the body of knowledge, and contribute to the needs of professions and society. UWF just celebrated its 50th Anniversary and now has the second largest campus in the Florida State University system. One of UWF’s most acclaimed features is its beautiful main campus, a 1,600 acre wildlife refuge of rolling hills and natural woodland along the Escambia River.  UWF’s facilities have been designed to complement the natural beauty of this wildlife preserve and bird sanctuary. On campus there are many references to the history of the region and the university, including multiple variations of the nautilus shell, which has been used as an emblem for UWF since 1965. Different images of helmets, shields, and swords based on Jason and the Argonauts, which function as the official logos for UWF Athletics, are also widely seen across campus. Intercollegiate athletics’ role is to advance UWF’s mission, vision and priorities by providing student-athletes with the opportunities and appropriate resources to achieve academic success, compete at the championship level, and enhance their personal development through community engagement.


Selection Criteria

Participating artists must have reached a certain level of expertise and recognition in their medium. Their resumes should illustrate that they have met two of the following criteria:

1. the artist’s works are included in private, public, corporate or museum   collections;

2. the artist has received awards, grants or fellowships;

3. the artist has completed other public commissions on a similar scale;

4. the artist has participated in exhibitions at major museums or galleries



All proposals must be submitted to no later than 11:59 p.m. CST April 13, 2018.  There is no application fee.

Incomplete or incorrectly formatted applications will not be considered.


Submit an abbreviated CV with project-related relevant information (maximum 2 pages). Format needs to comply to one-inch margins, no less than 10pt font, and minimum single spaced.  Please include your preferred contact method (e.g. landline, mobile, email, etc.) Please include:

Letter of Interest: One page.  Address the conceptual approach you will be taking and how the work fits within the mission of the space.

- Artist’s Statement: One page maximum. 

Your project: Upload a detailed image(s) and/or sketch/digital rendering of your project with actual dimensions indicated and plans for placement.  Describe materials and their durability. Explanation of maintenance requirements and estimated maintenance expense.

-  Timeline of your project: Not to exceed one page

- Budget: One-page breakdown of project estimate, including projected cost of installation.

Examples of Work: 10-20 digital images of relevant work created in the last seven years including an Image Identification Sheet, which shall describe the submitted images, and be clearly labeled with the project number, project name, artist name, artist address, artist phone number, and artist email. For each image, the artist shall include a thumbnail of image, image number, title of work, date of work, medium of work, dimensions of work, price of work or amount of commission, and indication of artwork’s availability for purchase (if applicable). For images of commissioned work, the artist may include a brief description or explanation.

References: Contact information for two professional references.




Deadline for Submission: 4/13/18

Finalist Notification: 4/20/18

Finalist Proposals Deadline: 5/4/18

Selected Artist Notification: 5/11/18

Posted on Tue, February 27th, 2018
Expires on Fri, April 13th, 2018

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