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2005 Election Impact on the Arts

posted by admin — Jan 16, 2006

The Americans for the Arts Action Fund has completed its preliminary report of the “2005 Election Impact on the Arts.” The report shows that citizens voted overwhelmingly for proarts ballot initiatives and candidates throughout the country. While 2005 is considered an off year for national and most statewide elections, hundreds of local elections took place in communities across the country; two statewide elections in New Jersey and Virginia were also notable exceptions.

Four local ballot initiatives having a positive direct impact on the arts and arts education passed by large margins, as well as one statewide ballot that could potentially benefit the arts. “2005 Election Impact on the Arts” contains details of these ballots initiatives as well as highlights of the arts policy positions of Governor-Elect Jon Corzine of New Jersey and Governor-Elect Tim Kaine of Virginia, as well as top city mayors across the country.