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Intellectual Property and the Arts

posted by Christopher Howard — Sep 15, 2008

CAA recently launched a new section of its website called Intellectual Property and the Arts. This section provides links to CAA’s activities on intellectual-property and copyright matters and to useful websites and resources of other organizations.

Included in the section are links to authoritative texts by universities, library organizations, and the US Copyright Office; suggestions for clearing permissions and rights for images used in publication; and articles by CAA’s Committee on Intellectual Property from past issues of CAA News, on topics such as the legal status of appropriation in art, work for hire, and artists’ moral rights in their artworks.

CAA’s members are both copyright owners and users of copyrighted material. Artists and authors create new works, and many also quote from or repurpose material created by others. CAA encourages all members to become familiar with intellectual-property law as it affects you.

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