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The editorial board of Art Journal seeks interested CAA members to join us at the 2010 Annual Conference in Chicago for a roundtable discussion on the sense of time in modern and contemporary art.

Critics, scholars, and particularly artists are invited to propose discussing specific artworks, projects, and texts that engage aspects of temporality and art. Artists working in all mediums seem increasingly interested in examining contemporary experiences of time—how subjectivity is being shaped by socially mediated time and how we as subjects might do some shaping of our own; in tracking the social and political implications of the interactions among the many temporalities currently operative across the globe; in understanding the presences of the past today; in treating history and the future as domains for time travel; in exploring time itself as a medium; and in providing opportunities to escape the present—or even history itself. Does modernity’s chronophilic–chronophobic dialectic still capture our sense of being simultaneously tied to our times yet unable to identify with them?

Led by Terence Smith, a member of the Art Journal editorial board, the discussion will be recorded and may provide material for publication in a future issue. The discussion will take place on Thursday, February 11, 2:00–4:00 PM, at a conference location to be announced.

Participation is by invitation. Please send a brief email describing your interest in the topic and how you foresee contributing to the discussion to Invitations to participate will be sent in early January. Deadline: November 30, 2009.

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