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Recent Deaths in the Arts

posted by Christopher Howard — Mar 08, 2010

CAA recognizes the lives and achievements of the following artists, architects, curators, teachers, dealers, collectors, philanthropists, and other important figures in the visual arts who have recently died.

  • Raymond Abraham, a radical Austrian architect and a professor at Pratt Institute and Cooper Union, died on March 4, 2010. He was 77
  • Earl A. Barthé, a New Orleans–based architectural plasterer who created cornices, friezes, and ceiling medallions, died on January 11, 2010, at the age of 87
  • Ernst Beyeler, a Swiss art dealer and collector who sold works by Monet, Cézanne, Picasso, Kandinsky, Giacometti, and more, died on February 25, 2010. He was 88
  • Michael Buhler, a British artist and a teacher at the Colchester School of Art, died on October 30, 2009, at the age of 69
  • Michael Cooper, a collage artist who showed his work in New York, died on January 23, 2010, at the age of 60
  • Evelyn Haas, an arts philanthropist who supported the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, died on February 3, 2010. She was 92
  • Zygmund Jankowski, a New England–based painter of colorful, expressionist works, died on December 31, 2009, at age 84
  • Paul R. Jones, a collector of African American art who gifted hundreds of works to the University of Delaware and thousands to the University of Alabama, died on January 26, 2010, at the age of 81
  • Ruth Kligman, an abstract painter and the sole survivor of Jackson Pollock’s 1956 car crash, died on March 1, 2010. She was 80
  • Edward Linde, a real-estate developer and arts philanthropist who supported the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, died on January 10, 2010. He was 68
  • Fritz Lohman, cofounder of the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation in Manhattan’s SoHo, died on December 31, 2009. He was 87
  • Raymond Mason, a British sculptor who worked in a narrative, realist style, died on February 14, 2010, in Paris. He was 87
  • Neil E. Matthew, an artist and professor emeritus at the Herron School of Art and Design, died on January 5, 2010. He was 84
  • Ursula Mommens, a British potter who worked for more than eight decades, died on January 30, 2010. She was 101
  • Anita V. Mozley, a curator of photography at the Stanford Museum of Art and an expert on the work of Eadweard Muybridge, died on January 23, 2010. She was 81
  • Bob Noorda, a graphic designer best known for his signs for the New York City Transit Authority, died on January 11, 2010, at age 82
  • Judith Taylor, a photographer, professor, and department chair at Arcadia University, died on January 26, 2010. She was 56
  • Clare Weiss, a curator of public art for the New York City Parks Department, died on January 11, 2010, at the age of 43

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