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CAA’s Committees Need Your Expertise

posted by Vanessa Jalet — Sep 09, 2010

CAA invites you to join one of its nine innovative, productive Professional Interests, Practices, and Standards Committees, which address crucial issues in the visual arts and propose solutions that advance CAA’s goals. Joining a committee is also an excellent way to network with other members.

Committee activity is busiest at the Annual Conference, where each group usually presents one or two sessions. Other committees do more: the Services to Artists Committee conceives and programs ARTspace, and the Students and Emerging Professionals Committee publishes the Conference Survival Guide and puts together the Student and Emerging Professionals Lounge.

Throughout the year, committee activities are more diverse, and you will have the opportunity to bring up topics important to you and your colleagues for discussion and action. If developments in pedagogy interest you, apply for the Education Committee. Worried about artists’ copyright or the high cost of image reproduction? The Committee on Intellectual Property monitors and advises on these issues.

The Professional Practices Committee, which covers urgent professional matters such as the increase of adjuncts in higher education, writes and revises Standards and Guidelines that, once approved by the CAA Board of Directors, become authoritative documents for art-related disciplines.

The following vacancies are open for terms beginning February 2011:

Committee members serve three-year terms (2011–14), with at least one new member rotating onto a committee each year. Candidates must possess expertise appropriate to the committee’s work and be current CAA members. Members of all committees volunteer their services without compensation.

CAA’s president and vice president for committees will review all candidates in late November 2010 and make appointments in early December, prior to the 2011 Annual Conference and Centennial Kickoff in New York. All new members are introduced to their committees during their respective business meetings at the conference.

Nominations and self-nominations should include a brief statement (no more than 150 words) describing your qualifications and experience and an abbreviated CV (no more than two pages). Please send all materials to Vanessa Jalet, CAA executive assistant. Deadline: October 15, 2010.

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