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CAA Publishes Full Session Details for the 2011 Annual Conference

posted by Christopher Howard — Dec 10, 2010

CAA has published full session information for the 99th Annual Conference and Centennial Kickoff in New York, taking place February 10–13, 2011. Along with the names of the sessions and their chairs, the conference website now offers the names and affiliations of all speakers, the titles of their papers or presentations, and the days, times, and locations of each panel.

The listings, which include regular program sessions (2½ hours) and shorter lunchtime and dinner sessions (1½ hours), are presented chronologically, from Wednesday morning to Saturday afternoon. This year’s conference will be plentiful and diverse and cover nearly every area of the practice, history, and teaching of art. Here are but five highlights among the two-hundred-plus sessions that conference registrants will have access to: “(Re)Contextualizing Precolumbian Art in the Twenty-First Century”; “Participation and Engagement: Curating Contemporary Art after New Media”; “Making a Living as an Artist: With or Without a Gallery”; “Emergent Practices: Arts-Based Research and Teaching”; and the two-part “Claiming Authorship: Artists, Patrons, and Strategies of Self-promotion in Medieval and Early Modern Italy.”

In celebration of its one-hundredth anniversary, CAA will present special Centennial sessions that address broad themes in the visual arts and gather top artists, scholars, and thinkers for invigorating debate. These sessions include “Feminism,” led by Norma Broude and Griselda Pollock; “Art/Technology Global Sample,” with Mark Tribe and Chris Csikszentmihalyi as chairs; and “Globalization,” guided by James Elkins and Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann. Just added this week was “Against Acknowledgment: Sexuality and the Instrumentalization of Knowledge,” chaired by Jonathan Katz, cocurator of Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, the controversial exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Poster sessions—which are live, informal presentations by individuals, aided by displays on poster boards and with an interactive audience element—take place on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Among the thirteen topics are: “Walt Disney: Undergraduate Research and Critical Thinking,” “How the Sausage Is Made: A Model of Graphic Design Practice and Teaching,” and “Analysis of University Press Production in Art and Art History, 1991–2007.”

CAA launched the website for the New York conference, headquartered at the Hilton New York in midtown Manhattan, in early October. It expands on the 2011 Conference Information and Registration booklet that was mailed to all members; new material and information will continue to be added between now and February. Online registration is open. You can also buy tickets for special events, such as the Centennial Reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and several postconference tours, and sign up for a professional-development workshop. Alternatively, you may download conference forms to fill out and send. If you are taking part in Career Services, please review what CAA offers for candidates and employers.

Advance registration can be made through January 21, 2011, before rates increase onsite. The deadline for early registration, December 10, 2010, has passed.

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