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Art Journal is pleased to present “David Wojnarowicz: Against His Vanishing” on its new website. In the previously unpublished interview, conducted by Steven Dubin on New Year’s Day in 1990, the late artist speaks presciently and passionately to the ambivalent relationship of art institutions to free speech.

In December 2010, Wojnarowicz’s work reemerged as a focus of international attention when the Smithsonian Institution, reacting to pressure from conservative groups such as the Catholic League, removed his video A Fire in My Belly from the exhibition Hide/Seek at the National Portrait Gallery. Stills from the censored video and related works accompany the interview.

“David Wojnarowicz: Against His Vanishing” appears on the new website of Art Journal, CAA’s quarterly publication of modern and contemporary art. The site features both free selections from the print journal and content created for the web. In coming months, the site will feature time-based art discussed in articles, online artists’ projects, and more conversational modes of scholarship and discourse.

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