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Update on CAA after Superstorm Sandy

posted by Christopher Howard — Nov 06, 2012

Wednesday afternoon update: CAA staffers will return to the office on Thursday, November 8.

As of Tuesday morning, November 6, CAA’s building at 50 Broadway in lower Manhattan has electric power, but the telephones, internet, and heat are not operable. The office will remain closed until further notice. The situation, however, is being reviewed several times a day.

The full CAA staff, which lives throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Long Island regions, is safe.

The senior staff held a conference call on Sunday to discuss options for working. Email is being supported offsite on an emergency and temporary basis. Consequently, there are delays in the transmission of emails—some messages may not be delivered. It will take time to repair telephone service. The building superintendent’s office at 50 Broadway cannot yet determine  when heat will be restored.

CAA’s website and conference site are functioning normally. People may continue registering for the conference, workshops, opening reception, and tours; they may also renew their membership or join the organization.

If you are an artist, scholar, or other professional in the visual arts who has been affected by Superstorm Sandy, please consult the list of disaster resources posted by the New York Foundation for the Arts.

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