CAA News Today

As 2012 comes to a close and CAA looks toward the year to come, it is time for us to consider the future of our publications. CAA’s long-standing, highly regarded print journals, The Art Bulletin and Art Journal, deliver much of the world’s leading scholarship in art history and visual studies. CAA member support of the Publications Fund helps maintain each publication’s preeminent position. I encourage you to join our growing list of donors this year.

The Art Bulletin, which covers the full range of art history in essays by some of the world’s most acclaimed art scholars, marks its centennial in 2013, celebrating one hundred years of exemplary scholarship and leadership in the field. Art Journal, in print since 1929, is an ever-evolving forum for topics in modern and contemporary art. Next spring will see the first issue of its new editor-in-chief, Lane Relyea. The youngest CAA publication, the born-digital, annually presents hundreds of reviews of books, exhibitions, publications, projects, conferences, and symposia as the sole art journal devoted exclusively to reviews. Founded in 1998, it celebrates its fifteenth anniversary this year with an Annual Conference panel discussion about its origin, evolution, and future. Together, these three journals promote new scholarship and practices in the visual arts to an international audience.

At a time when academic publishing offers fewer venues for discussion and debate, the visibility and vitality of The Art Bulletin, Art Journal, and continue to broaden. The journals reach tens of thousands of readers annually and remain essential resources—none of which would be possible without the support of donors.

Contributors who give at a level of $250 or higher are prominently acknowledged in the publication they support for four consecutive issues, as well as on the publication’s website for one year. On behalf of the artists, scholars, writers, and reviewers who publish in the journals, I hope CAA can count on your support this year.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. Your ongoing commitment is essential to our success—and very much appreciated.

With best regards,



Anne Collins Goodyear
CAA Board President