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posted by CAA — Jan 31, 2018

Athi-Patra Ruga, Miss Azania — Exile is waiting, 2015, South Africa, 11th African Biennale of Photography

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Paris on Alert as River Seine Continues to Rise and Louvre Shuts Basements

The iconic museum had to close its basement amid the flooding, in a bid to protect the priceless artworks on display there. (The Sun)

Morris Louis Painting Shown at Jewish Museum, This Time Right-Side-Up

After years of being hung incorrectly, a work by Morris Louis has now been flipped 180 degrees. (New York Times)

PHOTOS: Shaking Up the Idea of What Africa Looks Like

The 11th African Biennale of Photography explores topics of identity and possibility through the theme of “Afrotopia.” (NPR)

Two Rodin Shows Cast the Sculptor’s Legacy in Very Different Lights

In New York, two major Rodin shows are up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. (Hyperallergic)

Around the World in 14,000 “Do Not Disturb” Signs

Collector Edoardo Flores has amassed a collection of over 14,000 designs from more than 200 countries. (Atlas Obscura)

Languages Prioritized Over Arts in UK Government Teacher Plans

As the UK pushes for 75% of its students to study a foreign language, teaching time devoted to music, drama, art and design in secondary schools is set to drop. (Art Professional)

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