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posted by CAA — Feb 07, 2018

John Singleton Copley, Mrs. James Warren (Mercy Otis), ca 1763, oil on canvas (© Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Bequest of Winslow Warren)

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Boston and Philadelphia’s Art Museums Gamble Loaning a Painting on the Super Bowl

It looks like the MFA will be sending John Singleton Copley’s Mrs. James Warren (Mercy Otis) to the City of Brotherly Love. (Hyperallergic)

A Peek at Famous Readers’ Borrowing Records from a Private New York Library

Thanks to carefully maintained circulation info, we know when Alexander Hamilton checked out Goethe. (Atlas Obscura)

Sprawling Maya Network Discovered Under Guatemala Jungle

Laser technology was used to survey digitally beneath the forest canopy, revealing houses, palaces, elevated highways, and defensive fortifications. (BBC)

Liberal Indoctrination? Not So Much

New research suggests that college is a time when students gain appreciation of multiple perspectives. (Inside Higher Ed)

7 Artists Reinventing the Ancient Art of Mosaics

From the floors of ancient Pompeii to the walls of the New York subway, mosaics have been a feature of urban life for thousands of years. (Artsy)

AI May Have Just Decoded a Mystical 600-Year-Old Manuscript That Baffled Humans for Decades

The 240-page Voynich manuscript is written in an unknown script and an unknown language that no one has been able to interpret—until now. (artnet News)

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