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Many thanks to everyone to made it to the 106th Annual Conference at the end of February. We had more than 4,200 people attend. Members enjoyed their sessions, as well as many of the opportunities to visit locations in LA outside of the Convention Center. We have also received lots of positive feedback on the new logo and the Cultural and Academic Network Hall.

We will be sending out a survey to the participants in the very near future. We are interested in your feedback about everything from session contact to the price of local coffee. So keep notes of your impressions so you can let us know.

In the meantime, you can:

Watch the videos of select sessions and main events.

Access Abstracts and the Directory of Attendees via the CAA membership portal.

Read these takeaways from the 2018 conference:

Sans Cowl (Artforum)

Sam Durant and Anne Ellegood reflect on being in the hot seat of museum controversies (The Art Newspaper)

Scholars weave craft into the art history canon at CAA (The Art Newspaper)

Day two of #CAA2018 in full swing! #caala #caaworks

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Photo of Helen Molesworth and Catherine Opie: Rafael Cardenas
Photos of conference attendees and book and trade fair: Allison Walters
Instagram: Joelle Te Paske

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