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posted by CAA — Dec 05, 2018

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Betty Tompkins, Apologia (Artemisia Gentileschi #3), 2018. Courtesy of Betty Tompkins and P.P.O.W, New York, via Artsy

A Whitney Museum Vice Chairman Owns a Manufacturer Supplying Tear Gas at the Border

“I figured Safariland officials probably had connections elsewhere.” (Hyperallergic)

Protesters Rally Against UNC Chapel Hill’s Decision to Reinstate Confederate Statue

Protesters at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill rallied against the university board’s decision to reinstate Silent Sam, the Confederate monument that was toppled in August. (Artforum)

Betty Tompkins Gives Art History a #MeToo Overhaul

How to dismantle art history, literally and figuratively. (Artsy)

Ambitious VR Experience Restores 7,000 Roman Buildings, Monuments to Their Former Glory

A team of 50 academics and computer experts built the environment over a 22-year period. (Smithsonian Magazine)

Graduate School Can Have Terrible Effects on People’s Mental Health

Graduate students cite the combination of financial and professional pressures as a significant challenge. (The Atlantic)

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