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posted by CAA — Dec 19, 2018

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Hundreds gather in the atrium of the British Museum for an unofficial “Stolen Goods Tour.” Photo by and courtesy of Diana More, via Hyperallergic

National Gallery of Art Chooses First Female Director

Kaywin Feldman, of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, will be the first woman to hold the job in the museum’s 77-year history. (New York Times)

Here Are the 10 Female Artists Over 40 Who Have Won 2018’s $250,000 Anonymous Was a Woman Awards

The awards’ founder, Susan Unterberg, only revealed her identity earlier this year. (artnet News)

Influencers in Higher Education in 2018

See Chronicle‘s list of the people who shaped higher ed (for better or worse) in 2018. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

How-To: Students of Islamic Art Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Explore a thread by UT Austin professor Dr. Stephennie Mulder on how to use a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to teach art history. (Twitter)

How Artists Can Master Dealing with Rejection

Straightforward tips for artists—and everyone, really—to deal with an inevitable part of the creative process. (Artsy)

Hundreds Attend Guerrilla, Activist-Led Tour of Looted Artifacts at the British Museum

The tour featured talks by activists of Australian Aboriginal, Iraqi, Hawaiian, Māori, and Greek Cypriot heritage. (Hyperallergic)

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