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posted by CAA — Mar 27, 2019

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Protesters at the Guggenheim Museum last month dropped white slips of paper symbolizing OxyContin prescriptions. Last week the museum said it would no longer accept money from members of the Sackler family behind the drug. Image: New York Times

The scrutiny of the Sacklers comes amid a broader reckoning in the museum world about who sits on their boards and bankrolls their programs. (New York Times)

University of Tennessee Will Be Free for Low-Income Students Starting in Fall 2020

The school joins a small—but growing—list of US colleges and universities seeking to make higher education more accessible. (Think Progress)

Study: 40% of Community College Students Take Humanities Classes

Community colleges have seen massive growth in their humanities programs over the past few decades. (Education Dive)

Museums Need to Move with the Times – That’s Why Deaccessioning Isn’t Always Bad News

“Some may view this as pandering to the politically correct. But American art museums have a moral responsibility and historical mandate inscribed in their charters to reach the broadest possible public.” (Apollo Magazine)

$2.8 Million in Met Museum Admission Revenues Will Go to 175 Cultural Nonprofits

NYC officials announced last week that funds from the Met’s change in admissions policy will be redistributed. (Hyperallergic)

Opinion: A Bigger Scandal at Colleges — Underpaid Professors

“What these folks did is not the worst thing happening in our educational system.” (Boston Globe)

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