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posted by February 28, 2020


Diana Seave Greenwald reviews Out of Earshot: Sound, Technology, and Power in American Art, 1860–1900, by Asma Naeem. Read the full review at

Grace Harpster discusses the exhibition Through a Glass, Darkly: Allegory and Faith in Netherlandish Prints from Lucas van Leyden to Rembrandt at the Carlos Museum, Atlanta. Read the full review at

Susan Danly writes about the catalog Winslow Homer and the Camera: Photography and the Art of Painting by Dana E. Byrd and Frank H. Goodyear III. Read the full review at

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Are You in a CAA Photo? Let Us Know

posted by February 27, 2020

Lynne Allen and Melissa Potter at the 2020 Annual Conference in Chicago. Photo: Stacey Rupolo

Each year we welcome thousands of CAA members, colleagues, and friends to our Annual Conference. It is an exciting time of year with an incredible amount of activity.

As a membership organization, it is important to us to include names wherever possible. While we try to identify those in conference photographs by badge, event, or word-of-mouth and include that information in the caption, we are not always able to do so. (We also err on the side of caution, in case we get it wrong!)

If you see yourself in a CAA photo and would like to be identified in the future, we will do our best to make it happen. Please let Alison Chang, director of communications, marketing, and membership, know at:

Thank you!

Jevi is the winner of a free CAA 2021 registration after becoming a member onsite at the 2020 Annual Conference at the CAA booth in the Book and Trade Fair.

She was first introduced to the CAA through the Judson-Morrissey Excellence in New Media Award, granted by the New Media Caucus. Congrats, Jevi!

Learn more about her work:

Jevi is an Honours Business Informatics B.ASc. McMaster University graduate, and studied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (PCert) at MIT. She has worked in IT over the years as an Analyst, an Ethical Hacker, Software Programmer, and as a Research Assistant at OCAD University and University of Toronto. Hailed from a family of scribophiles, she enjoys photography, poetry and prose, and completed a study of Art & Design at the GBC School of Design graduating with honours, and Digital Media at OCAD University. She is a hobbyist green-thumb and fishkeeper, and has a three-canine RAID (Redundant Assemblage of Independent Dogs) named Gigabyte, Terabyte, and Kilobyte, who occasionally go urban-exploring with her. Jevi is currently pursuing an MFA in Digital Futures at OCAD University, where she serves on the Senate, and as a member of the Senate Executive Committee, Senate Graduate Studies Committee, Senate Student Appeals Committee and Research Committee.

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Fridays For Future protest in Toronto, Canada. Photo: Jasmin Sessler

As part of the 2021 Annual Conference, CAA seeks to offer a selection of sessions, papers, speakers, and related programming on the topic of Climate Crisis. Including but going beyond eco-art and eco-criticism, and with climate justice and intersectional thinking as priorities, panels and presentations can address ecology as a matter of the content of artworks, but also, and pressingly, how we—artists, designers, and art historians, institutional stakeholders and independent practitioners, and members of allied fields—can and should change our professional practices in light of the crisis.

We invite discussions of creative interventions into the status quo, up to and including a serious discussion of ways of reducing the carbon footprint of the annual conference itself, while preserving and enhancing access. Practices and themes may include remediation and amelioration, thematic representation and critique, the ramifications of change for institutions and collections, issues of preservation, and the nature of research. We invite radical and practical proposals. The conference content will stress a broad and inclusive conversation on climate crisis impact through the lens of age; gender; nationality; race; religion; and socioeconomic status among others.


News from the Art and Academic Worlds

posted by February 26, 2020

5Pointz in January 2013. Photo courtesy of Ezmosis via Wikimedia Commons/artnet News

A Stunning Legal Decision Just Upheld a $6.75 Million Victory for the Street Artists Whose Works Were Destroyed at the 5Pointz Graffiti Mecca

The trial was a key test of the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA), which grants protections to artworks deemed to be of “recognized stature.” (artnet News)

‘It Confirms the Dread I Felt on Election Day’: Artists From Countries Targeted by Trump’s Latest Immigration Ban Speak Out

The addition of Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, and Tanzania to the restricted travel list nearly doubles the number of countries affected since Trump’s original executive order. (artnet News)

Concerns Over Britain Returning Elgin Marbles to Greece Arise as EU Drafts Brexit Negotiating Mandate

After a draft EU mandate leaked to the media last week, reporters were quick to speculate that the Parthenon Marbles could become a bargaining tool in Brexit trade talks. (ARTnews)

American Alliance of Museums: Advocacy Toolkit

Museums Advocacy Day is happening now in Washington DC. Use American Alliance of Museums’s free advocacy tools to join in. (AAM)

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The Art Journal/AJO Editorial Board invites nominations and self-nominations for the position of editor-in-chief for the term July 1, 2021–June 30, 2024 (with service on the Art Journal/AJO Editorial Board in 2020–21 as editor designate, and in 2024–25 as past editor). Art Journal, published quarterly by CAA, is devoted to twentieth- and twenty-first-century art and visual culture.

Working with the editorial board, the editor-in-chief (EIC) is responsible for the content and character of the journal. The EIC solicits content, reads all submitted manuscripts, sends submissions to peer reviewers, and provides guidance to authors concerning the form and content of submissions; develops projects; makes final decisions regarding content; and may support fundraising efforts on the journal’s behalf. A candidate may be an artist, art historian, art critic, art educator, curator, or other art professional. The EIC works closely with CAA’s New York staff.

The EIC attends the three meetings each year of the Art Journal/AJO Editorial Board—held in the spring and fall by teleconference or in New York, and in February at the CAA Annual Conference—and submits an annual report to CAA’s Board of Directors. The EIC is responsible for expenses related to travel and lodging.

The position usually requires 20 hours a week. CAA provides financial compensation for course releases, usually to the EIC’s employer.

Candidates must be current CAA members in good standing and should not be serving on the editorial board of a competitive journal or on another CAA editorial board or committee. CAA encourages applications from colleagues who will contribute to the diversity of perspectives on the Art Journal/AJO Editorial Board and who will engage actively with conversations about the discipline’s engagements with differences of culture, religion, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, and access. Nominators should ascertain their nominee’s willingness to serve before submitting a name; self-nominations are also welcome. A CV, a letter of interest from the nominee, and at least one letter of recommendation must accompany each nomination. Please email to Joan Strasbaugh, Managing Editor,, and include “Art Journal Editor-in-Chief Search” in the subject line.

Deadline (extended): June 1, 2020

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Meet the New CAA Board Members

posted by February 24, 2020

From left to right: Lara Ayad, Mora Beauchamp-Byrd, Scherezade Garcia-Vasquez, Tiffany Holmes, and Nada Shabout

The results of the 2020 CAA Board of Directors Election were presented at the CAA Annual Business Meeting, Part II on Friday, February 14 at 2:00 PM at the 108th CAA Annual Conference in Chicago.

We are grateful to all the candidates who put forward their names for consideration this year. The 2019-20 Nominating Committee selected six candidates for election for four-year terms, and—new this year— two Emerging Professional candidates, who were eligible for a two-year term.⁠ Voters were asked to select four of the six candidates for four-year terms, and one candidate in the Emerging Professional category.

CAA Board of Directors Election

We congratulate Mora Beauchamp-Byrd, Scherezade Garcia-Vasquez, Tiffany Holmes, and Nada Shabout on their election by CAA membership for four-year terms and Lara Ayad on her election for a two-year term as the inaugural Emerging Professional board member.

Learn more about the new members:

Lara Ayad
Assistant Professor, Art History
Skidmore College

Mora Beauchamp-Byrd
Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History
Oklahoma State University

Scherezade Garcia-Vasquez
Interdisciplinary visual artist
Assistant Professor, Parsons School of Design

Tiffany Holmes
Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Maryland Institute College of Art

Nada Shabout
Professor of Art History
University of North Texas

About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is charged with CAA’s long-term financial stability and strategic direction; it is also the Association’s governing body. The board sets policy regarding all aspects of CAA’s activities, including publishing, the Annual Conference, awards and fellowships, advocacy, and committee procedures.

Thank you to all those who voted!

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Ariana Chaivaranon and Elizabeth Keto

posted by February 24, 2020

The weekly CAA Conversations Podcast continues the vibrant discussions initiated at our Annual Conference. Listen in each week as educators explore arts and pedagogy, tackling everything from the day-to-day grind to the big, universal questions of the field.

CAA podcasts are on iTunes. Click here to subscribe.

This week, Ariana Chaivaranon and Elizabeth Keto discuss how art can join the conversation on social justice.

Ariana Chaivaranon is an artist and an interpretive planner at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City. Her art investigates the interface between humans and the digital, examining the consequences of virtual representation for human bodies.

Elizabeth Keto is currently a Marshall Scholar studying art history and curating at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. Her research focuses on American photography, museums and public art, and the connections between art and citizenship.

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New in

posted by February 21, 2020


Jessamine Batario considers Sam Rose’s Art and Form: From Roger Fry to Global ModernismRead the full review at

Holly Flora discusses Women, Art and Observant Franciscan Piety: Caterina Vigri and the Poor Clares in Early Modern Ferrara by Kathleen Giles Arthur. Read the full review at

Kerri A. Pfister reviews the exhibition Della Robbia: Sculpting with Color in Renaissance Florence. Read the full review at

Nancy Locke delves into Carol Armstrong’s book Cézanne’s Gravity. Read the full review at

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Thank You for CAA 2020! What Did You Think?

posted by February 17, 2020

See more highlights @caavisual.

Thank you to the thousands of participants who contributed to the 108th Annual Conference! You can see highlights on our Twitter and Instagram feeds and via the #CAA2020 hashtag.

If you attended CAA 2020, we want to hear from you. Let us know what worked, what didn’t, and what you’d like to see next year in our online survey. All survey respondents are eligible to be entered into a drawing for a free year-long membership.

Take the survey

We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you next year in New York, February 10-13, 2021! The submissions portal for CAA 2021 opens March 1.

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