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posted by CAA — May 13, 2020

Ross Sinclair’s The Real Life Declaration of Arbroath 1320–2720, 2020, one of the works in the Royal Scottish Academy’s annual exhibition, which went entirely online because of the pandemic. Image: Royal Scottish Academy, via New York Times

When the Virus Came, Some Museum Curators Lost Years of Work

As shutdowns continue, it has become clear that some shows will not reopen, and many more are in limbo. (New York Times)

Podcast: Museum Directors on COVID-19 and Its Impact on Museums, Part 1

Listen to a conversation with Max Hollein of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Kaywin Feldman of the National Gallery of Art, and James Rondeau of the Art Institute of Chicago. (The Getty)

What Is College Without the Campus?

The pandemic has not only exacerbated college’s underlying economic instability but has, at least for now, upended the form of the university itself. (New York Magazine)

Lesson of the Day: ‘Now Virtual and in Video, Museum Websites Shake Off the Dust’

In this step-by-step lesson, students take a virtual field trip through some of the world’s most renowned museums. (New York Times)

The CDC’s Misappropriation of a Chinese Textile, and Why It Matters

“The textile in question is indeed a striking piece of art. It also has nothing whatsoever to do with respiratory disease.” (Hyperallergic)

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