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A new collaboration with Designers & Books will bring special discounts for an array of books and journals on art, architecture, design, and photography to CAA members. This ongoing program, called the Online Book Fair, features new and backlisted books as well as rare and out-of-print titles released by important publishers in the visual arts.

Designer & Books, a website that advocates for books as important sources of creative inspiration, will update the Online Book Fair with new publishers, books, and book dealers every month. The following participants have signed up already and offer various special discounts for their products, new and used, to CAA members:

Payment and checkout occur on the website of each individual publisher, which gives you the chance to browse for additional books and sign up for email newsletters and social-media updates. To receive the special discounts noted above, use this CAA code when checking out: 14BJXAA.

Designers & Books hope you will find the Online Book Fair to be an enjoyable place to browse and discover books and to build your personal library. If publishers or books that you are interested do not appear on the site, you can send an email with your suggestions.

The Online Book Fair will be featured on the Membership Partners page of the CAA website with an updated list of participants and discounts.


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Last month CAA restructured its membership program and added exciting new benefits, including: online access to The Art Bulletin and Art Journal; online access to additional journals in the Taylor & Francis collection; and access to JPASS, JSTOR’s expansive selection of more than 1,500 journals, at a 50 percent discount. As part of this restructuring, CAA included a new category for Part-Time Faculty among its discounted memberships. And now, based on thoughtful feedback CAA received from supportive members, we have expanded this category to include “Independents” to help support independent artists, scholars, designers, and the like.

The creation of these new membership categories is part of CAA’s response to changing conditions in the workplace for many professionals in the visual arts. CAA is committed to supporting part-time, non-tenure-track faculty, and those in transition, who receive limited institutional support, as well as independent professionals with no institutional affiliation.

Visit the Individual Membership section of the CAA website to learn more about all the new categories.

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CAA warmly thanks the many contributions of the following dedicated members who joined CAA in 1964 or earlier. This year, the annually published list welcomes thirteen artists, scholars, and curators whose distinguished exhibitions, publications, and teaching practices have shaped the direction and history of art over the last fifty years.

1964: Richard J. Betts; Ruth Bowman; Vivian P. Cameron; Kathleen R. Cohen; Paula Gerson; Ronald W. Johnson; Jim M. Jordan; William M. Kloss; Rose-Carol Washton Long; Phyllis Anina Moriarty; Annie Shaver-Crandell; Judith B. Sobre; and Alan Wallach.

1963: Lilian Armstrong; Richard Brilliant; Eric G. Carlson; Dean Carter; Vivian L. Ebersman; Francoise Forster-Hahn; Walter S. Gibson; Caroline M. Houser; Susan Koslow; E. Solomon; Lauren Soth; Richard E. Spear; Roxanna A. Sway; Athena Tacha; and Roger A. Welchans.

1962: Jo Anne Bernstein; Phyllis Braff; Jacquelyn C. Clinton; Shirley S. Crosman; Frances D. Fergusson; Gloria K. Fiero; Jaroslav Folda; Rosalind R. Grippi; Harlan H. Holladay; Seymour Howard; Alfonz Lengyel; Mary L. Maughelli; David Merrill; Francis V. O’Connor; John T. Paoletti; Nancy P. Sevcenko; Thomas L. Sloan; Elisabeth Stevens; Anne Betty J. Weinshenker; and William D. Wixom.

1961: Matthew Baigell; Margaret Diane David; W. Bowdoin Davis Jr.; David Farmer; J. D. Forbes; Isabelle Hyman; Henry A. Millon; Clifton C. Olds; Marion E. Roberts; David Rosand; and Conrad H. Ross.

1960: Shirley N. Blum; Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt; Dan F. Howard; Eugene Kleinbauer; Edward W. Navone; Linda Nochlin; J. J. Pollitt; and Claire R. Sherman.

1959: Adele M. Ernstrom; Geraldine Fowle; Carol H. Krinsky; James F. O’Gorman; and Ann K. Warren.

1958: Samuel Y. Edgerton Jr.; Damie Stillman; and Clare Vincent.

1957: Marcel M. Franciscono; Bruce Glaser; Jane Campbell Hutchison; and John F. Omelia.

1956: Svetlana L. Alpers; Norman W. Canedy; David C. Driskell; John Goelet; Joel Isaacson; Jack J. Spector; and John M. Schnorrenberg.

1955: Lola B. Gellman; Irving Lavin; Marilyn A. Lavin; and Suzanne Lewis.

1954: Franklin Hamilton Hazlehurst; Patricia C. Loud; Thomas J. McCormick; Jules D. Prown; Jane E. Rosenthal; Irving Sandler; Lucy Freeman Sandler; and Harold Edwin Spencer.

1953: Dorathea K. Beard; Margaret McCormick; Seymour Slive; and Jack Wasserman.

1951: Wen C. Fong.

1950: Marilyn J. Stokstad.

1949: Dario A. Covi; and Ann-Sofi Lindsten.

1948: William S. Dale.

1947: Dericksen M. Brinkerhoff; David G. Carter; Ellen P. Conant; Ilene H. Forsyth; and J. Edward Kidder Jr.

1945: James S. Ackerman.

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Today CAA unveils a newly restructured membership program for individuals. The new membership categories are based on benefits rather than on income, making the various tiers more equitable and offering members more choices. CAA arrived at the new levels—which include, for the first time, a discounted membership for part-time faculty—after a thorough analysis of member feedback, benchmarking against other organizations, and conducting market research. You can watch a video about the new membership program and find a list of benefits associated with each new category at

All individual members will continue to receive an outstanding package of benefits, including print subscriptions to CAA’s acclaimed publications, access to the Online Career Center, discounted registration for the Annual Conference, and invaluable networking and mentoring opportunities. New benefits and options include:

  • Online access to The Art Bulletin and Art Journal
  • Additional online access to publications in the Taylor & Francis collection
  • Access to JPASS—JSTOR’s individual access plan with a catalogue of over 1,500 journals—at a 50 percent discount
  • A new, discounted membership category designed to meet the needs of part-time faculty

CAA members make up a vital network that supports the highest standards in scholarship, theory, criticism, education, and practice in the visual arts. Membership dues help CAA to fund important research, carry out advocacy initiatives, publish its scholarly journals, administrate professional-development programs, and host the world’s best-attended visual-arts conference.

New Membership Categories

The dues associated with each level of membership are:

  • Student: $60
  • Retired: $80
  • Part-Time Faculty: $90
  • Basic: $125
  • Premium: $195
  • Sustaining: $300
  • Patron: $600
  • Life: $5,000

CAA also offers two-year terms and an automatic renewal option for all levels of membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read CAA’s comprehensive FAQs on the new categories and other helpful topics, such as how to join online, how to access publications online, what kind of documentation is needed for students and retired professionals, and how to managing your email subscriptions. You can find the FAQs at


If you have any questions, please contact CAA’s Member Services by telephone at 212-691-1051, ext. 1; by email at; and by fax at 212-627-238. Office hours are Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM–5:00 PM EST.


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Take the 2014 Annual Conference Survey

posted by March 04, 2014

In an effort to improve our services, we encourage you to complete the following survey about your experiences at the 102nd Annual Conference in Chicago last month. This survey should take only a few minutes to complete. We appreciate your feedback and your support and hope to see you at the 103rd Annual Conference in New York, to be held February 11–14, 2015.

Survey link:

Please complete the survey by Friday, March 14, 2014. Thank you.

On February 14, 2014, CAA members voted to approve an amendment to the organization’s By-laws that will permit the Board of Directors to streamline the current categories of membership and develop a structure based on benefits rather than on income. The amendment also provides for flexibility in enabling CAA to make further changes to the membership structure as may be deemed desirable in the future.

The amendment grew from a detailed analysis of CAA’s current membership structure and reflects the results of a recent survey evaluating the most highly valued aspects of membership as well as the needs of contingent faculty. New benefits will include: online access to The Art Bulletin, Art Journal, and; additional online access to a non-CAA publication published by Taylor & Francis (the new copublisher of CAA’s journals); and JPASS access at a 50 percent discount. CAA will also offer part-time membership for contingent faculty.

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The Task Force on the Strategic Plan seeks member comments on the draft Strategic Plan and invites your participation at the Annual Members’ Business Meeting at the 2014 Annual Conference in Chicago on Friday, February 14, at 5:30 PM.

CAA is giving away free movie tickets to special screenings of The Monuments Men, directed by and starring George Clooney, in four cities across the United States to its members. The organization has ten tickets (five pairs) for the New York screening; ten tickets (five pairs) for Los Angeles; six tickets (three pairs) for Chicago; and six tickets (three pairs) for Houston.

Please send your name, the name of your guest, your city, and your CAA User/Member ID# to by 3:00 PM EST today. Winners will be notified after 4:00 PM.

The Monuments Men were a group of approximately 345 men and women from thirteen nations who comprised the MFAA section during World War II. Many were museum directors, curators, art historians, artists, architects, and educators—and also members of CAA. Together they worked to protect monuments and other cultural treasures from the destruction of World War II. In the last year of the war, they tracked, located, and in the years that followed returned more than five million artistic and cultural items stolen by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Their role in preserving cultural treasures was without precedent.

All four screenings will take place this Wednesday, February 5, 2014, at 7:30 PM. Here are the locations:

  • New York screening: AMC Loews West 34th Street 14, 312 West 34th Street, Manhattan
  • Los Angeles screening: Edwards Long Beach 26 and IMAX, 7501 Carson Boulevard, Long Beach
  • Chicago screening: AMC Showplace Cicero 14, 4779 West Cermak Road
  • Houston screening: AMC Gulf Pointe 30, 11801 South Sam Houston Parkway East

Tickets to The Monuments Men are guaranteed, not first-come, first-served. CAA will send the winners’ names to the film promoter, who will put them on the VIP list. You will not need printed tickets.

Watch the Trailer


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Arts in Turkey Tour for CAA Members

posted by January 17, 2014

Read Milton Moore’s tour diary from his trip to Turkey in October 2013, organized by Tutku Tours.

CAA has partnered with Tutku Tours to provide an exclusive offer for its members to spend two weeks exploring the ancient and contemporary sides of Turkey, from May 27 to June 10, 2014. Highlights of the Arts in Turkey Tour: Yesterday and Today trip include stops in Istanbul, Iznik, Canakkale, Troy, Assos, Ayvalik, Izmir, Pergamum, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Catalhoyuk, Konya, Cappadocia, and Ankara. This tour is a one-of-a-kind experience that takes visitors on a spectacular journey through ancient and modern Turkey. Visit the workshops of local artists, learn about techniques of ancient art, and take in galleries and museums in some of the world’s oldest cities.

The tour begins with three days in Istanbul—the city on seven hills and the capital of two former empires—where travelers will visit the major attractions, including the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia, and also get to know the city’s vibrant street life and local art scene. The tour will then visit the Iznick Foundation’s tile factory, the archaeological site of ancient Troy, and the Pergamum acropolis. The city of Izmir, which boasts numerous museums and art galleries, comes next, and later the port city of Ephesus and Pamukkale, near the ancient city of Herapolis. A handful of other exciting stops will happen in the several days before the return flight from Ankara.

In addition to access to cultural and historic sites, the Art of Turkey Tour will provide CAA members with time for rest and relaxation. The group will stop at a carpet school in Ephesus, along with an overnight stay at a spa hotel at the Pamukkale hot springs. The end of the trip includes a stop in Cappadocia, where travelers can explore the Göreme Open-Air Museum, a vast collection of painted cave-churches dating from 1000 AD, and also watch a whirling dervishes ceremony. At the final destination, Ankara, the tour will visit the famed Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

Getting There: Turkish Airlines provides nonstop, direct flights from the United States and Canada from the following cities: New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, Houston, and Toronto.

Land and Air Rates: $3,990 per person for a double room; $4,780 per person for a single room.

The Arts in Turkey Tour features include:

  • International flight from the US via Turkish Airlines
  • Thirteen nights in superior hotels
  • Comprehensive sightseeing as specified in the program
  • Meals (thirteen dinners, four lunches, daily breakfasts)
  • An official, licensed English-speaking guide throughout the tour
  • Visits to art galleries
  • Transportation in air-conditioned vehicles
  • All entry fees to sites and museums
  • A hot-air balloon flight in Cappadocia
  • Local taxes and service charges

For a detailed, day-by-day tour itinerary, please download and review the Arts in Turkey Tour brochure.

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Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for your membership in the College Art Association. Starting on January 6, 2014, CAA will open its online election. Not only do we have an excellent slate of six candidates to be considered for Board service, but we request your vote on a proposed amendment to the By-laws of College Art Association.

The amendment grows out of a detailed analysis of CAA’s current membership structure, and reflects the results of a recent member survey evaluating the most highly valued aspects of membership. Based on this study, designed in part to assess the needs of contingent faculty, the Board determined that it made sense to streamline the numerous categories of membership now in place and to develop a structure based on benefits rather than on income. Some of the new benefits that will be made available include online journal access, additional online access to a non-CAA publication published by Taylor & Francis (the new co-publisher of CAA’s journals), and JPASS access at a fifty percent discount, as well as discounted, part-time membership for contingent faculty.

Because changing the membership categories requires amending the By-laws, the Board unanimously adopted a resolution at its October 27, 2013 meeting recommending the amendment to the By-laws available at The Board believes that this change will benefit members and sustain the services the Association provides. The amendment also provides for flexibility in enabling the Association to make further changes to the membership structure as may be deemed desirable in the future.

We encourage you to review the proposed amendment to the By-laws and we urge you to cast your vote on January 6th.

With appreciation of your support of CAA, we look forward to welcoming you at the 2014 Annual Conference in Chicago!

All best wishes for the season,

Sincerely yours,

Anne Collins Goodyear
President, College Art Association
Co-Director, Bowdoin College Museum of Art