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Call for Art: Rotating Public Art Program Series IV

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Posted by: City of Pasadena, Arts & Cultural Affairs
Deadline: Sun, January 15th, 2023

Rotating Public Art Program: Series IV
The City of Pasadena is excited to embark upon the fourth iteration of the Rotating Public Art Program which will include the phased installation of eight public artworks at existing City-owned sites throughout Pasadena.

This opportunity seeks both existing, loaned artworks, as well as proposals for new commissioned, site-responsive artworks in a variety of styles, materials, and approaches from a diverse pool of professional artists/artist teams.  This opportunity is open to artists and artist teams based in California and all artworks (both loaned and commissioned) will be exhibited for a 36-month period. Artists will receive an honorarium of $8,000 for existing loaned artworks, and $12,000 for commissioned artworks to cover all related costs.

As part of Series IV of the Rotating Public Art Program, the City will select six (6) existing, loaned artworks to be installed at various locations throughout the City. Artworks should be sculptural, already completed, sufficiently durable for placement outdoors and must allow for attachment to a structural footing at the artwork site (see schematic for standard footing design for details).

In addition to loaned artworks, the City will commission two (2) original site-responsive artworks. These artworks will be placed outdoors and should consider the context of the artwork site and its relation to the community, environment, and/or audience. Applicants interested in proposing the creation of original sculptural artworks are asked to submit a Preliminary Artwork Concept and must include: 1) a written text narrative, and 2) visual representations in the form of digital renderings, photographs, sketches, physical models or maquettes that adequately demonstrate the proposed artwork. Applicants should consider scale, material, durability, safety and traffic concerns, and construction methods when submitting proposals. If selected, the artist/team will work with City Staff to refine their Preliminary Artwork Concept to appropriately fit the site.

For questions about this opportunity, contact:
Corey Dunlap, Public Art Coordinator | or 626-744-7547

Applicants must submit their materials through, otherwise known as CaFÉ. 
Apply by going to: 
Deadline to submit: Sunday, January 15, 2023. 

ELIGIBILITY: Open to artists/teams over the age of 18 based in California. 

BUDGET: $8,000; $12,000
Applicants are required to deliver and pick-up artwork to/from the site. The City will assist with the installation/de-installation of the artwork at the designated site. Artist shall deliver “Free on Board” destination and installation until the City accepts the loaned artwork.

Loaned Artworks: Successful applicants will receive an honorarium of $8,000 for an exhibition period of 36 months to cover all related costs. 

Commissioned Artworks: Successful applicants will receive an honorarium of $12,000 for an exhibition period of 36 months to cover all related costs. Once selected, applicants will be asked to refine their Preliminary Artwork Concept and present a Final Artwork Concept to the City’s Arts & Culture Commission for review and approval. 


1.              Up to 8 images representing existing artwork(s) for loan AND/OR visual representations of Preliminary Artwork Concepts in the form of digital models, sculptural maquettes, photographs, drawings, or sketches. Do not attach one portfolio file with multiple images/information. Applications that do not follow the requested format will not be considered complete and will not be accepted.

2.              Artwork Description and Statement: Applicants will be asked to provide a brief description of the proposed artwork(s) including: title and date, description of materials, dimensions, weight and durability, estimated value of the artwork; and exhibition history. Applicants will also be asked to describe their relevant experience and why the submitted artwork(s) is appropriate for the Rotating Program. 

3.              Resume/CV including name, mailing address, phone number(s), email and website (if applicable).

All application materials are to be submitted digitally. The City will not accept physical applications in any form.

Launched in 2011, the Rotating Public Art Program aims to provide opportunities to experience public art that enlivens the urban landscape; produce a dynamic visual experience for residents and visitors; create more venues for public art; increase exposure and opportunities for artists new to public art; educate the public by stimulating discussion; and provide a cultural draw for tourists. The Program places both existing loaned works, as well as new commissioned works on public view in neighborhoods representing all City Council Districts with the intention to replace the artworks on a rotating basis. The process includes community representatives from each City Council District who select art for their own neighborhoods. With the input of neighborhood advocates in the artist and artwork selection process, this program asks the public to be directly involved in the development of a city-wide temporary public art collection.

The Rotating Art Program is intended to complement the permanency of both the Private Development and Capital Public Art Programs by placing artworks throughout the City that activate unusual locations, transforming small, often unnoticed areas in the city into exciting and stimulating destinations for visitors and residents. Artwork sites are highly visible to visitors, pedestrians and vehicular traffic and include traffic triangles, medians, street corners, and unique public spaces. By presenting original artworks for a relatively short time at established locations, the program encourages residents and visitors to circulate throughout the city and experience the entirety of each exhibition.  


All applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the City’s Public Art Program and previous iterations of the Rotating Public Art Program by visiting:  

Posted on Mon, November 14th, 2022
Expires on Sun, January 15th, 2023

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