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Meera Sethi and Arti Sandhu

posted by CAA — Jan 20, 2020

The weekly CAA Conversations Podcast continues the vibrant discussions initiated at our Annual Conference. Listen in each week as educators explore arts and pedagogy, tackling everything from the day-to-day grind to the big, universal questions of the field.

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On this week’s podcast, Canadian contemporary visual artist Meera Sethi and Arti Sandhu, Associate Professor of Fashion Design at the University of Cincinnati, engage in a rich conversation around a 2019 ad campaign by well-known Indian fashion label Raw Mango.

Raw Mango featured a Kashmiri bride to promote their winter festive collection, while at the same time the state of Kashmir was under political lockdown. Meera and Arti speak about issues around politics, privilege, and the use of craft within Indian high-fashion.

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