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Christina Kemp, The Alien Hitchcock Conspiracy, 2023 (artwork © Christina Kemp)

Christina Kemp, The Alien Hitchcock Conspiracy, 2023 (artwork © Christina Kemp)


The CAA Services to Artists Committee (SAC) is currently accepting submissions for Imagination & Collage, an exhibition to be held during the CAA 112th Annual Conference at Hilton Chicago, February 14–17, 2024. Both emerging and established artists working in the medium of collage are encouraged to apply.   

Project Summary:  

Collage relies on a mixture of the images and materials that alter or transcend meaning of the original source material. It invites us to recognize relationships made possible through fragmenting, recontextualizing, and reimagining of already existing images. The cut-up is a powerful medium to enact change and ignite imaginations. This is apparent in the history of modern collage from Cubism and Dadaism to contemporary exploration of analog and digital collage contending with the overwhelming abundance of readily accessible visual information. The artist collective General Idea’s popular slogan, “Cut up or shut up” is a statement that has become increasingly valid with the rise of the Internet and digital media, pushing the limits of how we approach the idea of collage. This exhibition invites artists to submit artwork that explores collage aesthetics, particularly highlighting the important qualities of this medium which are tied to social and cultural critique. Collage offers us a way to (re)think and (re)imagine ideas of the present and the future.  

Submission Requirements:  

  • Artist statement (200 words max)
  • Bio (150 words max)
  • CV
  • Portfolio of 10–15 images of completed work (.jpgs sized at 1 MB)
  • A portfolio of 10 -15 jpeg images of completed work
    • Please use a hosting service (Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.)
    • Please format file names:  01.LastName_Title_Medium_Dimensions_Date
    • Please provide a corresponding image list (.doc., .docx., or .pdf)
  • Handling instructions (if applicable)
  • Accessibility requirements (if applicable)
  • Website (optional)

Please Note: Entry is free. If a submission is selected for the exhibition, artists are responsible for arranging timely delivery and pickup of artwork in Chicago at their own expense.   

Contact SAC chairs with any questions ( using the subject line, CAA AC2024 SAC Exhibition 

DEADLINE: November 1, 2023