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Life Members

Life Members are individuals who make one-time payments of $5,000 and remain active CAA members for life. Life Members enjoy a range of benefits, including online access and print subscriptions to both The Art Bulletin and Art Journal, access to JSTOR with JPASS, discounts on Annual Conference registration, invitations to exclusive conference events, and much more.

CAA expresses its most sincere gratitude to the following Life Members.

Life Members

James S. Ackerman
Pat Adams
Stanford Anderson
Lilian Armstrong
Michael L. Aurbach
Susan Ball
Sylvan Barnet
Stephanie Bernheim
Jean M. Borgatti
Ruth Bowman
Robert A. Bridges, Jr.
Norma Broude
Carolyn M. Carty
Pauline Chakmakjian
William J. Chiego
Michael W. Cole
Kristin B. Collins
Alessandra Comini
William J. Connell
Wanda M. Corn
Shirley S. Crosman
Linda A Downs
Gilbert S. Edelson
Mary D. Edwards
Lucy M. Ellem
Sharon Elsen
Dorinda Evans
James D. Farquhar
Frances D. Fergusson
Ruth E. Fine
Kate Flint
Wen C. Fong
J. D. Forbes
Geraldine Fowle
Gregory Gajda
Mary D. Garrard
Elaine K. Gazda
Sam Gilliam
Dawn Glanz
John Goelet
Cheryl Goldsleger
Anne Collins Goodyear
Lynn Weichsel Hand
Henry H. Hawley
Barbara T. Hoffman
Caroline M. Houser
Seymour Howard
Marlene Jaffe
Lora L Johnson
Eve Kliman
Ellen V. Kosmer
Carol H. Krinsky
Ellen Johnston M. Laing
Margaret L. Laird
Elizabeth Lamb-Clark
Eunkie Lee
Emmanuel Lemakis
Ann-Sofi Lindsten
Jean N. Locey
Robert Lopatin
Lillian D. MacBrayne
Larry W. Millard
Ann Lee Morgan
Phyllis Anina Moriarty
Minerva Navarrete
Peter Nisbet
Barbara Novak
Nathaniel B. Novick
Brian O'Doherty
James F. O'Gorman
Judith A. Patt
Elizabeth A. Perrill
Marilyn Perry
Debra Pincus
Robert A. Pincus-Witten
Kenneth W. Prescott
Cynthia M. Pyle
Barbara E. Reed
Marion E. Roberts
William W. Robinson
Anne N. Rorimer
Irving Sandler
Lucy Freeman Sandler
Peter H. Schabacker
Annie Shaver-Crandell
William Kelly Simpson
David M. Sokol
Lauren Soth
Joaneath A. Spicer
Marilyn J. Stokstad
Eugenia Summer
Michael M. Thomas
Louise Tilzer Rhodes
Franklin K. B. Toker
Wallace J. Tomasini
Madeleine C. Viljoen
Clare Vincent
Ann K. Warren
Rose R. Weil
Joanna Williams
John H. Wilson
Helen Woodcock
A. Gilbert Wright, Jr.


You may become a Life Member at any time. For more information, please contact JoAnn Wong, Institutional and Individual Giving Manager at 212-392-4411.