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Audit Committee


The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibility to oversee the staff management’s conduct of CAA’s financial-reporting process and the audit efforts of CAA’s independent accountants and internal auditors, if any, including the financial information provided by CAA to any governmental or regulatory body, CAA’s members or other users thereof, CAA’s systems of internal accounting and financial controls, and the annual independent audit of CAA’s financial statements. In discharging its oversight role, the committee is empowered to investigate any matter brought to its attention with full access to all books, records, facilities, and personnel of CAA, and has the power to retain outside counsel, auditors, or other experts for this purpose. It is the objective of the committee to maintain free and open means of communications with the board, the independent accountants, internal auditors, if any, and CAA’s financial and senior management. The committee shall review the adequacy of its charter on an annual basis.

Audited Financial Statement

2016 statement

Committee Members

Andrés Mario Zervigón, Rutgers University, Vice President for External Relations, Chair
Suzanne Preston Blier, Harvard University, President
Hunter O'Hanian, CAA Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (ex officio)
Guna Nadarajan, University of Michigan, member
Julia A. Sienkewicz, Roanoke College, member
Teresa López, CAA Chief Financial Officer (ex officio)


Please direct all queries regarding the Audit Committee to Vanessa Jalet, CAA executive liaison.