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The Art Bulletin and Art Journal

CAA produces two scholarly print journals covering art, art history, and visual studies, The Art Bulletin and Art Journal. Each is published four times a year. For additional details or to place your order for advertising for The Art Bulletin or Art Journal, please visit

The Art Bulletin

Founded in 1913, The Art Bulletin is the preeminent journal for art historians, curators, independent scholars, and educators, providing a forum for current thought and research in all periods of the history of art and architecture through feature articles and book reviews.

The Art Bulletin is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) with an estimated print and digital readership of 30,000. Readers are art historians (40 percent), artists (20 percent), institutions (20 percent), curators (10 percent), and administrators and conservators (10 percent). Readers of The Art Bulletin are the ideal market for scholarly and university publishers, galleries, schools, fellowships, programs, and other products and services that target the field of art history.

Art Journal

Founded in 1941, Art Journal is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to twentieth- and twenty-first-century art. One of the most vital, intellectually compelling, and visually engaging periodicals in the field, it features scholarly articles, conversations, portfolios, and other contributions by leading art historians, artists, curators, and critics.

Among the journal’s estimated 35,000 print and digital readers are art historians (30 percent), artists (35 percent), institutional readers (20 percent), and curators, conservators, and art administrators (15 percent). Readers of Art Journal are diverse in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, and profession; they are innovators and leaders in their field. Art Journal offers an effective advertising venue for publishers, galleries, suppliers of art materials, schools, fellowships, and other programs.


For additional details, current rates, or to place your order for advertising for The Art Bulletin or Art Journal, please visit