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CAA 113th Annual Conference FAQ 

The CAA 113th Annual Conference will take place at the New York Hilton Midtown, New York City, February 12–15, 2025 with in-person and hybrid sessions, our Book and Trade Fair, and special events. In response to the feedback from conference attendees and participants, CAA continues to improve the Annual Conference experience. We look forward to seeing you again in 2025.  

Updated March 22, 2024. 

2025 Conference Format 

Most sessions and events, including Convocation, Annual Artist Interviews, Distinguished Scholar Session, and Committee Meetings will be held live and in person at the New York Hilton Midtown, while a portion of the program will be hybrid.  

Beginning in October, conference registrants will be able to sign into the schedule to view session and presentation abstracts in the online schedule. Schedule is subject to minor changes.  

Q: What is the format of sessions at the 2025 Conference?
  • The 113th CAA Annual Conference will take place at the New York Hilton Midtown, New York, NY, February 12–15, 2025, with a selection of hybrid sessions and events. 
  • As CAA has done since AC2021, we will make conference recordings accessible to registrants for a number of weeks after the conference.  
  • Recording permission and extended access period details will be part of the 2025 Participation Agreement which accepted participants will read inside their Speakers’ Corner beginning in July 2024. 
Q: What type of events will happen at the conference?
  • Sessions, Workshops, Meetings, Receptions, the Book and Trade Fair, and our special events; Convocation, Distinguished Scholar Session, Annual Artist Interviews. The conference also includes offsite events hosted by CAA’s constituents and sponsors.  Interested in hosting an offsite event or opportunity during the conference? Submit here.

Health and Safety

CAA and our Annual Conference partners are committed to following the most current safety protocols as they apply to in-person convening up to and during the time of the conference. We are tracking the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the NYC DOH Covid dashboard guidance. CAA will share updated health and safety guidelines closer to the conference. 

Participation Details 

Q: What are rules for conference participation?  
  • CAA is a forum for new work and scholarship. Your session, or presentation content, may not have been published previously or presented at another scholarly conference. Workshops must serve the needs of CAA’s constituencies. 
  • You may submit a proposal before joining, but all accepted session participants must keep their CAA Individual Membership current through the conference dates. 
  • To submit before joining or as a lapsed member, update or create your account here. Take all steps before payment.  
  • Individual membership is required. Upon acceptance you must join as a member/bring the account current.   
  • All session participants must also register for the conference and will receive the participant rate. 
  • Session participants may take part in the conference in up to three ways each year. They may serve as a: 1) Session Chair or Workshop Leader; 2) Paper/Project Presenter; and 3) Session Discussant. Each member may not, however, serve in any single role more than once per conference.   
  • If you have multiple accepted submissions in a single role, you must withdraw all but one in that role. 
Q: How long are CAA sessions? How long should my presentations be, and will CAA collect my paper? 
  • Since 2017, CAA Annual Conference Sessions and Workshops have been 90 minutes long. Session chairs must plan their ninety-minute session time carefully and communicate their plan and expectations with their participants. 
  • Session chairs have the latitude to organize the session time as they wish. CAA suggests reserving time for your introduction and for discussion. Potentially, in a session with four presenters with time reserved for the presentations could be around 15-18 minutes.
  • Chairs: keep in mind the commitment your participants are making to prepare and travel when dividing the session’s time.
  • Presenters: Most chairs will collect your paper (independently of CAA) and will follow up with you multiple times before the Conference. 
  • Some chairs invite very short, lightning round papers, but this requires clear communication, experienced chairs, and tight time management. The participation rules will still apply. 
  • CAA collects only your submission information and abstracts (and recordings if recording permission is granted.) 
Q: Do all session participants have to sign the participation agreement? 
  • Yes, all session and  workshop participants must sign the conference participation agreement, which can be found in the Speaker’s Corner. This is separate from granting permission for CAA to record your presentation. The agreement will be available in your Speaker’s Corner after you are accepted. Check for emails from in July. 
Q: Must all participants agree to be recorded?
  • No, it is not required. After acceptance, Session participants may elect in their Speakers Corner not to have their presentation recorded and still participate. In that scenario only those who attend live (in-person or zoom sessions) will hear the contribution.   
  • CAA encourages everyone to allow recording of their session. Allowing your presentation to be recorded increases opportunities for conference registrants around the world to engage with your content and connect with you. The recording will also be archived by CAA per the participation agreement.    
Q: What will happen with the recordings?
  • Recordings will be captioned and posted for access by registrants in the Conference Schedule as part of the CAA 113th Annual Conference after processing. Recordings are managed in accordance with the Participation Agreement which is updated each cycle and available to all accepted participants in their Speakers’ Corner beginning in July. Recordings will then be archived in CAA’s records with possible use in the promotion of the Association and the Annual Conference. 
Q: May I promote and market my session to my own personal and professional network?
  • Yes! The participation agreement only disallows sales or promotion of a commercial product or service as part of your session or presentation.