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The Professional Practices Committee responds to specific concerns of the membership in relation to areas such as job placement and recruitment, tenure and promotion procedures, scholarly standards and ethics, studio health and safety, and artists’ practices. The Professional Practices Committee also oversees the Standards and Guidelines.


The Professional Practices Committee remains focused on updating CAA's Standards and Guidelines and aims to position future CAA committees to succeed in refreshing all Standards and Guidelines on five-year intervals. 


Brian Bishop, Framingham State University (2020), Chair
Susan Altman, Middlesex County College (2019)
Tom Berding, Michigan State University (2019)
Colin Blakely, University of Arizona, Board liaison
Dr. Carolyn Butler-Palmer, University of Victoria, BC, Canada (2021)
Michael Bowdidge, Transart Institute, Glasgow (2019)
Alison Chang, Sponsorship and Partnership Manager, CAA staff liaison
Laura Gelfand, Utah State University (2021)
Michael Grillo, University of Maine (2019)
Marcella Hackbardt, Kenyon College (2021)
Paul Jaskot, Duke University (2021)
Charles Kanwischer, Bowling Green State University (2020)
Meghan Kirkwood, North Dakota State University (2019) 
Meredith Lynn, Indiana State University (2021)
Sandy Ng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2020)
Hunter O’Hanian, CAA Executive Director, ex officio
Dianne Pappas, Northern Essex Community College (2020)
Hannah Park, Texas State University (2020)
Phil Renato, Kendall College of Art & Design (2020)
Troy Richards, Fashion Institute of Technology (2021)
Greg Shelnutt, University of Delaware (2019)
Allison Walters, Web & Graphic Designer, CAA Staff liaison
Julia A. Sienkewicz, Roanoke College, VP for Committees, ex officio (2019)