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Applications for publication grants will be considered only for book-length scholarly manuscripts in the history of American art, visual studies, and related subjects that are under contract with a nonprofit or commercial publisher. The Terra Foundation defines “American art” as art (circa 1500–1980) of what is now the geographic United States. This definition applies to non-US publisher grants and translation grants. Manuscripts from US publishers must be on a topic in American art that presents American art in an international context.

Applications are judged in relation to the following: Manuscript excellence and adherence to guidelines is of utmost importance; support of the field and effective dissemination of scholarly works on American art are also primary considerations in making awards. Additionally, applications to the US book grant will be judged in relation to the project’s international dimension.

Letter of Intent

Before submitting a complete application on December 15, 2017, applicants to all three grants are required to submit a letter of intent (LOI) by September 15, 2017. After reviewing the LOI, CAA will contact the applicant with an invitation to submit a formal application if the project is deemed eligible for an award. 

The letter should be no longer than three pages. Please include the following:

  • A description of the project
  • Information on the publication's target audience
  • How the book fits into the press's publication program
  • How the book will be illustrated
  • The book's formats (print, ebook, etc.)
  • The grant amount requested
  • A description of how the grant will be used
  • Information about peer reviews (number and name of reviewers, if already complete)
  • Information about the exclusion of any required application components

In addition to the information listed above, applicants to the translation grant should also include information regarding:

  • The current language of the manuscript
  • The language for translation
  • Whether or not the book will be a dual-language publication
  • The second language for translation, if any
  • The significance of the original text and its translation into another language

All letters should be written in English. Letters should be emailed to Aakash Suchak, CAA Grants and Special Programs Manager.

Eligible Applicants

Eligibility is limited to book-length scholarly manuscripts in the history of American art, visual studies, and related subjects that are under contract with a nonprofit or commercial publisher. In particular circumstances involving non-US publishers, projects being considered for publication may also apply. Self-published manuscripts are not eligible for this grant.

Manuscripts must adhere to the subject matter of the award for which they are applying (see Application Process, Schedule, and Checklist). Applications must be submitted by the publisher for the US and non-US book grants; publishers and authors/translators can apply for the translation grant. Exhibition and collection catalogues, books on architecture (including urban design and landscape design), popular film or mainstream cinema, and catalogues raisonné are not eligible for an award.

Scholarly books in print or digital formats from commercial and nonprofit presses are eligible for an award. A press can submit the same manuscript for other awards that CAA administers, but a book that wins one CAA publishing grant may not receive a second grant. A project that has been rejected for a grant may not be resubmitted to the same grant. Publishers are encouraged to submit no more than two books for consideration in any one grant period.

The grants are especially designed to cover image acquisition and translation costs, but may be used to cover any costs related to the publication's editing and production costs. Applications that propose enhancing the visual component of the study through the inclusion of color plates or an expanded component of black-and-white illustrations will be eligible for grants, as would exceptional design requirements (maps, line drawings, charts, and tables). Reimbursement for permission and reproduction rights as well as translation costs will also be appropriate.

Reader’s Reports

Reader’s reports should be anonymous to the author but dated for the benefit of the jury (to be kept confidential), and they should not be more than three years old. The reports must be substantive, analytical evaluations of the complete manuscript. The author’s response to the reports should be included with the application so that the current state of the manuscript is made clear. If non-US applicants are unable to provide substantive, analytical evaluations of the complete manuscript from neutral parties, applicants can instead ask other parties to complete a confidential manuscript report, which states clearly the reviewer's relationship to the author. CAA will provide this form to applicants following notification of a successful letter of intent.


A letter of intent must be received in the CAA office no later than September 15, 2017. Applicants will be notified by email to confirm that a complete application should be submitted. To be considered by the jury, completed applications must be received at the CAA office no later than December 15, 2017. Applicants will be notified about awards by April.


Questions? Please contact Aakash Suchak, CAA Grants and Special Programs Manager, at 212-392-4435.

This program has been made possible through generous support from the Terra Foundation for American Art.

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