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Greg Watts

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I have been an active member of CAA for over twenty years. I respect and appreciate the forum the Association provides as it refines our collective wisdom through encouragement, advocacy and vision. As a member of the Board I will be proactive in promoting such values. I will endeavor to advance the inclusion and scope of our membership, looking toward greater reciprocity with our peer organizations. Our collaborative efforts and empathic support can only strengthen our future. The creative economy, broader advocacy for the arts, greater student involvement, and emergent technologies as methods of building community are examples of areas that I believe are worthy of consideration for the future of the Association – all on an increasingly global stage.

The essence of my vision for the visual arts in higher education is to encourage professional success in concert with personal fulfillment. I believe that we must nurture creativity while engaging in bold conversations around grand ideas that will compel purpose and establish identity through our endeavors. As a member of the CAA Board of Directors I will offer leadership derived from the breadth of my international experience with an academic background that combines an MFA with an Executive MBA. As an artist, educator and administrator with extensive experience in complex organizations I relish the opportunity to give back to our community through my service to the Board.

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