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The Publications Committee oversees CAA’s publishing activities and supervises the editorial boards of The Art Bulletin, Art Journal/AJO, and, the juries of the Millard Meiss Publication Fund and Wyeth Foundation for American Art Publication Grant, and other projects.

Current Committee Members

Kenneth Wissoker, Chair, Duke University Press, CAA VP for Publications (ex officio) 
Christy Anderson, University of Toronto, The Art Bulletin Editor-in-Chief  
Grace Aneiza Ali, Florida State University, Art Journal Open Editor-in Chief  
Nicole Archer, Montclair State University, CAA Board Liaison (ex officio) 
Eugenia Bell, CAA, Editorial Director (ex officio) 
Eddie Chambers, University of Texas at Austin, Art Journal Editor-in-Chief  
Maeghan Donohue, CAA, Director of Strategic Planning, Diversity, and Governance (ex officio) 
Allison Morehead, Queen's University, Chair and Editor-in-Chief 
Meme Omogbai, CAA Executive Director and CEO (ex officio) 
Halle O’Neal, University of Edinburgh, The Art Bulletin, Chair 
Alpesh Kantilal Patel, Temple University, Art Journal Chair 
Nada Shabout, University of North Texas, CAA Board Liaison (ex officio)