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Committee on Research and Scholarship

The Committee on Research and Scholarship is charged with gathering information, assessing trends, and proposing organizational advocacy for CAA on matters concerning the advancement of research and scholarship in visual arts and design, encompassing all facets of research regarding history, education, and practice. Recognizing that professionals must navigate a rapidly transforming field of options for conducting research and disseminating the results thereof, the committee is responsible for assisting the organization in engaging with current issues and serving its membership in this important facet of their professional life.

Committee Members 2022–2023

Allison Levy, Co-chair, Brown University (2023)  
Eric Wolf, Co-chair, Sotheby’s Institute of Art (2023)  
Roland Betancourt, University of California Irvine, CAA Board Liaison, Ex Officio  
Suzanne Blier, Harvard University (2023)   
Leda Cempellin, South Dakota State University (2024)  
Anthony Cutler, The Pennsylvania State University (2023)  
Shannon Forrester, Royal College of Art (2023)   
Douglas Gabriel, Harvard University (2023)   
Gregory Gilbert, Knox College, CAA Board Liaison, Ex Offico
Meghan Kirkwood, Washington University (2023)   
Bruce M. Mackh, Valdosta State University (2023)   
Donald A. Preziosi, University of California Los Angeles (2023)  
Rachel Stephens, University of Alabama (2023)   
Emily Walz, New York Public Library (2024)