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Membership FAQ

We want to hear from you. Please send questions related to CAA’s new membership rollout to This page will be updated based on your feedback. 

CAA’s New Membership Plan

Individual Membership

Q: When will the pricing and benefits for the new plans be published?

A: We anticipate posting new pricing and benefit information by May 16, 2022.


Q: Will I have to select a new membership plan on July 1? 

A: No, your membership will remain the same until your anniversary renewal date. At that time, you will receive an email notification to select a new plan. 


Q: How can I customize my “myCAA” account? 

A: The membership model puts you in control of selecting the appropriate member level, allowing you to identify what access is most desirable at any given time while considering your life stage and financial ability. This allows for flexibility with the option to move from one level to another.  

We encourage you to fill in as many of the requested attributes as possible in your account to enable us to better personalize your experience. This includes not only your personal demographic information but also, fields of study and engagement with Affiliated Societies. 


Q: How will I know which membership plan is right for me? 

A: We have designed the plans to be simplified, with an Essential plan suited for those exploring the offerings of the CAA community. The Premium plan is designed for those who want a deeper engagement with CAA, participating in programs and connecting with peers.  

Institutions and Affiliated Societies are encouraged to join at the Partner level to provide a more extensive engagement through programs and the Annual Conference.  


Q: Will a membership plan be selected for me upon renewal? 

A: The membership plan will default to the level closest to your most recent membership level as of your anniversary date. On your anniversary date you will receive an email to renew your membership at a level that you feel is right for you. 


Q: What if I cannot afford the new membership plan? 

A: Monthly installment payments will be offered. 


Q: Why should I join CAA as a student? What are the benefits for students?  

A: Joining CAA as a student is a great introduction to the vast field of visual arts. There are opportunities to participate in and have access to deep resources of scholarship through publications, the annual conference and other programs, and the dissertation roster. You can access standards and guidelines, learn about the work of committees, and apply to grants and fellowships targeted towards students and emerging professionals. CAA is also where you may network with colleagues from around the world. In July, we welcome graduate students as well as undergraduate students to join CAA at the Essential level of membership where you can either pay monthly or for a full year.  


Q: Where do artists and designers fit into CAA? 

A: Artists and designers are an essential CAA constituency. Artist and designer members play a direct role in contributing to and shaping programs and services. Relevant content of interest can be found in sessions at the Annual Conference both in general programming as well as through the Services to Artists Committee Program and the Design Committee. There are fellowships and grant opportunities geared towards artists, practitioners, and designers. CAA publications Art Journal and Art Journal Open focus on the contemporary practices of visual artists and are a leading forum for developments in the field. CAA is also where artists and designers can connect and network with colleagues from around the world and serve on Professional Committees and juries.


Q: How do art historians fit into CAA? 

A: Art historians are an essential CAA constituency. Art historian members play a direct role in contributing to and shaping programs and services. Content of interest to art historians can be found in sessions at the Annual Conference. There are fellowships and grant opportunities geared towards art historians. The Art Bulletin is a premier authoritative publication for the latest scholarship on art historical research. CAA is also where art historian members can connect and network with colleagues from around the world and serve on Professional Committees and juries. 


Institutional Membership 

Q: How is a Partner membership different from the previous Institutional membership? 

A: CAA membership levels are redesigned to more broadly reflect our constituencies. A Partner membership meets the needs of members who are a part of groups such as university departments, libraries, affiliated societies, and Book and Trade exhibitors interested in active engagement and access for mutual benefit of CAA and partner’s members. 


Q: What happens to print subscriptions? 

A: As we implement our publications digitization initiative as part of CAA’s repositioning, we will introduce a new online platform for scholarship rooted in a digital experience through our website. If Partners prioritize print publications, we have designed an a la carte subscription plan in line with our current institutional subscription rates. 


Q: Can we still list jobs in the Career Center? 

A: Yes, we encourage our partners to list jobs in the CAA Career Center. We also encourage partners to engage with the CAA community and professional networks directly on Yammer. 


Q: Who manages the Partner membership? 

A: An account manager is assigned to manage the Partner membership. This manager may be changed as needed. 


Q: Do we still get member rates for Annual Conference registration? 

A: There are no longer rates tied to individual member levels, rather, conference registration is connected to the levels of access members desire. 


Affiliated Societies 

Q: Do Affiliated Societies still have to apply to be eligible for a Partner membership? 

A: Yes. CAA welcomes as affiliated societies groups of art professionals and other organizations whose goals are generally consonant with those of CAA, with a view toward facilitating intercommunication and mutual enrichment. More information can be found on the website along with an application to become an affiliated society. Applications are reviewed as received. Once the organization’s application to become an Affiliated Society is approved, Partner membership dues can be made. 


Q: Do Affiliated Societies still receive a guaranteed business meeting and session at the Annual Conference? 

A: CAA welcomes each affiliated society to participate in the CAA Annual Conference and year-round programs. CAA provides one business meeting during the Annual Conference and the opportunity to hold one 90-minute session at the Annual Conference or participate in year-round programming. Proposals for Annual Conference sessions must be submitted in the spring call for proposals.  


Life Membership 

Q: What is happening to my Life membership? 

A: We recognize the importance of acknowledging long-time members. Although Lifetime membership is not offered in our new plan, existing lifetime members will continue to receive all the benefits included in their current membership. If you want to learn more, please contact


Q: Do I still get access to the publications? 

A: As we implement our publications digitization initiative, we will introduce a new online platform for content rooted in a digital experience through CAA’s website. Print publications will continue to be available; more information will be posted as it evolves. 


Q: I will have 40 years of membership next year; will I still be offered a Life membership? 

A: We are happy to grant membership to those who have 40 years of membership through 2023. The new engagement opportunity will apply to all future cases. Please contact with any questions or for more information.