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Programs » Conference 2021

CAA 2021 Code of Conduct

CAA makes all efforts to provide safe, inclusive, and welcoming events in which all can actively participate. Our events provide an important and unique forum for those in the visual arts to share scholarship and practice, exchange ideas, and engage with colleagues. These guidelines set expectations for all participants, provide steps to report incidents, and list possible consequences. Any actions or comments considered to be unacceptable behavior may result in expulsion from the Annual Conference, future events and publications, or revocation of CAA membership without refund.   


  • Treat participants, attendees, service providers, and staff with respect and consideration 
  • Critique ideas rather than individuals 
  • Value the diversity of views and opinions that may differ from one’s own 
  • Exercise professionalism at all times 


  • Harassment, threats, intimidation, or discrimination of any kind 
  • Derogatory comments or actions related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, religion, citizenship status, county of origin, political views, or any other self-identifier 
  • Unwelcomed sexual pursuits or stalking perceived as threatening or inappropriate in nature directed at any conference participant, attendee, service provider, or staff member 
  • Excessively loud or disruptive behavior in a live meeting or any other event taking place during the Annual Conference 


  • If you are the subject of or witness to conduct in violation of these guidelines at the Annual Conference, please notify Robert Tofolo,


  • All speakers own and maintain copyright to the work they present during the conference. 
  • Unauthorized reuse use of contributor content from the CAA Annual Conference is not permitted. 
  • CAA strongly discourages plagiarism, which is considered an inappropriate practice for our professional community.   
  • Any later reference to content presented at the conference should be attributed to the appropriate author and cited with paper and session title as well as the date of the conference.  
  • All speakers own and maintain copyright to the work they present during the conference. The resolution of concerns of plagiarism is the responsibility of the individuals concerned, and not that of CAA.  
  • If you believe your work has been plagiarized, we encourage you to contact the publisher or other source of dissemination to resolve the matter.