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CAA's Professional Development Fellowship in visual arts

CAA's Professional Development Fellowship in visual arts supports graduate students who are completing the MFA degree or other terminal degree programs. The awards will be given to multicultural artists and artists from underrepresented groups and from culturally diverse communities. Fellows are honored with a one-time, unrestricted grant to help them with various aspects of their work, as an artist, designer and/or craftsperson, whether it be for job-search expenses or purchasing materials for their studio art/design practice. Fellows also receive a free one-year CAA membership and complimentary registration to the next Annual Conference. Honorable Mentions, given at the discretion of the jury, receive a free one-year CAA membership and complimentary registration for the next Annual Conference. One fellowship will be awarded in the amount of $10,000. In order to complete this application, you will need to upload the following items: 

  • CV or resume 
  • An artist statement/personal essay of no more than two standard, double-spaced pages in 12 pt Times New Roman 
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Artist media
    • For still work: include no more than six digital images. 
    • For video work: include no more than five minutes running time; short clips or excerpts are permitted if the total running time is five minutes or less. 
    • A combination of still work (no more than six digital images) and video work (no more than five minutes) is permitted. 

The following criteria are used in selecting recipients. (Statements and/or letters of recommendation should speak to these):

  • Applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States 
  • Quality of work (demonstrated by documentation and visual images, personal essay, statement on proposed MFA exhibition, and timetable) 
  • Strength of academic record and recommendations 
  • Completion of MFA requirements dissertation and conferment of MFA in the year following year of application 
  • Applicants from underrepresented groups 
  • Financial need 
Deadline passed


Questions? Please contact Cali Buckley, Manager of Grants and Awards & Director of the CAA-Getty International Program, at