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Millard Meiss Publication Fund

MIT Press received a Meiss grant in fall 2005 to help publish Darby English’s book, How to See a Work of Art in Total Darkness (2007)

Twice a year, CAA awards grants through the Millard Meiss Publication Fund to support book-length scholarly manuscripts in the history of art, visual studies, and related subjects that have been accepted by a publisher on their merits, but cannot be published in the most desirable form without a subsidy. Thanks to the generous bequest of the late Prof. Millard Meiss, CAA began awarding these publishing grants in 1975.

Books eligible for a Meiss grant must currently be under contract with a publisher and be on a subject in the arts or art history. The deadlines for the receipt of applications are March 15 and September 15 of each year. Please review the Application Guidelines for complete instructions.

Recent Winners

Fall 2020

  • Cammy Brothers, Giuliano da Sangallo and the Ruins of Rome, Princeton University Press 
  • Lindsay Caplan, Programmed Art: Freedom, Control, and Computation in 1960s Italy, University of Minnesota Press 
  • Margaret Graves, Making Modernity in the Islamic Mediterranean, Indiana University Press 
  • Diana Greenwald, Painting by Numbers: Data-Driven Histories of Nineteenth Century Art, Princeton University Press 
  • Subhashini Kaligotla, Shiva’s Waterfront Temples: Self and Space in Medieval India, Yale University Press 
  • Sigrid Lien, Colonial LegaciesDecolonial Activism: Indigenous Photographs Revisited, University of British Columbia Press
  • Elizabeth Perrill, Burnished: Zulu Ceramics Between Rural and Urban South Africa , Indiana University Press
  • Stephanie Sparling Williams, Speaking Out of Turn: Lorraine O'Grady and the Art of Language, University of California Press
  • Rebecca Whiteley, Birth Figures: Early Modern Prints and the Pregnant Body, University of Chicago Press 

Spring 2020

Sarah Betzer, Animating the Antique: Sculptural Encounter in the Age of Aesthetic Theory, Penn State University Press 

Peter Chametzky, Turks, Jews, and Other Germans in Contemporary Art, The MIT Press 

Pamela Corey, The City in Time: Contemporary Art and Urban Form in Vietnam and Cambodia, University of Washington Press 

Christina Crawford, Spatial Revolution: Architecture and Planning in the Early Soviet Union, Cornell University Press 

Frank Feltens, Ogata Kōrin: Art in Early Modern Japan, Yale University Press 

Andrew Finegold, Vital Voids: Cavities and Holes in Mesoamerican Material Culture, The University of Texas Press 

Marika Knowles, Realism and Role-Play: The Human Figure in French Art from Callot to the Brothers Le Nain, University of Delaware Press 

Ginger Nolan, Savage Mind to Savage Machine: Racial Science and Twentieth-Century Design, University of Minnesota Press 

Joanna Pawlik, Remade in America: Surrealist Art, Activism, and Politics 1940–1978, University of California Press 

Fall 2019

Anneka Lenssen, Beautiful Agitation: Modern Painting in Syria and the Arab East, University of California Press  

Padma Kaimal, A Balance of Opposites: Reading Material Form at the Kailāsanātha Temple in Kāñcīpuram, University of Washington Press 

Babette Bohn, Women Artists, Their Patrons, and Their Publics in Early Modern Bologna, Penn State University Press 

Elina Gertsman, Nothing is the Matter: Spaces of Absence in Late Medieval Art, Penn State University Press 

Lucy Donkin, Standing on Holy Ground in the Middle Ages, Cornell University Press 

Adrian Anagnost, Spatial Orders, Social Forms: Art and City Space in Modern Brazil, 1928-69, Yale University Press 

Read a list of all recipients of the Millard Meiss Publication Fund from 1975 to the present. The list is alphabetized by author’s last name and includes book titles and publishers.


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