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Donors Circle

The Donors Circle of Sustaining and Patron Members includes individuals who contribute to CAA above and beyond their regular dues. The Donors Circle enjoys a range of benefits, including online access and print subscriptions to both The Art Bulletin and Art Journal as well as discounts on Annual Conference registration. These members provide critical support for CAA’s programs and help subsidize memberships for students and part-time faculty. The full amount of dues paid in excess of $195 is tax deductible.

CAA expresses its most sincere gratitude to the following individuals for their generous support of the organization and its programs during the past twelve months. This page is updated monthly.


Judith K. Brodsky
Jeffrey P. Cunard
Joyce A. Cutler-Shaw
Elizabeth A. Liebman
Ellen I. Taubman

Sustaining Members

Bill Arning
Terry L. Barrett
Douglas Baxter
Stephen Beal
Sarah E. Betzer
Brian Bishop
Richard Brettell
Celeste A Brusati
Kaja Tooming Buchanan
Sarah Burns
H. Perry Chapman
Mika M. Cho
Petra T. D. Chu
D. Sherman Clarke
S. Hollis Clayson
Bradley I. Collins
Nicola M. Courtright
Brenda M. Danilowitz
Brenda M. Danilowitz
Victor L Davson
William J. Dewey
Barbara G. Drebing
Susan H. Edwards
Tecton Fabricator
Joseph C. Forte
Mary E. Frank
Maggie A. Gerrity
David J. Getsy
Dessa P Goddard
DeWitt A. Godfrey
Lawrence O. Goedde
Jack Greenstein
Anne Emerson Hall
Kathryn M. Heleniak
Sandra L. Hindman
Constance C. Hungerford
Cathy Immordino
Sandra Jackson-Dumont
Carroll Janis
Caroline A. Jones
D. Signe M. Jones
Norman L. Kleeblatt
Patricia J. Lefor
Suzanne F W Lemakis
Lisa K. Lipinski
Katherine E. Manthorne
Frank J. Martinez
Jerry D. Meyer
Ellen G. Miles
Allison Morehead
Karen P. Moynahan
Isabel Nazario
Steven D. Nelson
Annegreth Nill
John K. Papadopoulos
Teresa J. Parker
Alex Potts
Lisa A. Quinn
Anne-Imelda Radice
Kenneth E. Rasmussen
Sally Ruddy
W. Jackson Rushing, III
Vanessa R. Schwartz
Nancy J. Scott
Greg Shelnutt
Richard A. Shiff
Debora L. Silverman
Robert B. Simon
Terence E. Smith
Priscilla P. Soucek
Ted E. Stebbins
Brian D. Steele
Christine L. Sundt
Nancy A. Um
Marina Vazquez Ramos
Caroline A. Wamsler
Susan L. Ward
Ruth Weisberg
Mariët Westermann
David G. Wilkins
Reva J. Wolf


You may join the Donors Circle when you renew your annual CAA membership. For more information, please contact