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Submitting a Manuscript for Consideration

Text and Images

Manuscripts must be in English. As a general guideline, manuscripts submitted to The Art Bulletin average between 11,000 and 18,000 words, including endnotes. Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 100 words, a Microsoft Word file no larger than 10 MB containing all illustrations and captions, a separate Microsoft Word file with just the captions, and a biographical statement of no more than 50 words. The author’s name should appear only on a separate cover sheet. The title of the article, but not the author’s name, should be repeated on the first page of the text. Please note that images must received in a Microsoft Word file, not as individual JPEG or TIFF files. If the Microsoft Word file containing the illustrations is larger than 10 MB, CAA is unable to send it to the peer reviewers, since many institutional firewalls block files larger than 10 MB. (As a courtesy to its peer reviewers, CAA does not send massive files via large-file transfer services.)

The Art Bulletin no longer accepts hard-copy submissions. All submissions must be sent electronically, either via e-mail or a large-file transfer service such as YouSendIt.com. All files must be in Microsoft Word or a Microsoft Word–compatible format. CAA does not accept PDFs since these files cannot be altered to preserve anonymity (which is necessary if the manuscript moves to the peer-review stage).

Please submit the following as separate Microsoft Word files: the manuscript; the abstract; illustrations; list of illustrations; and cover sheet (as outlined below). Files may be sent to the editor-in-chief at the.art.bulletin@collegeart.org or via a large-file transfer service such as YouSendIt.com. To ensure proper processing of the submission packet, please do not send separate files for each illustration or files larger than 10 MB.

Due to the strict nature of the double-blind peer-review process, it is essential that you remove any information that would identify the author, both from your text and from the notes.

The cover sheet should give the author’s name, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax number(s), and a brief biographical statement of no more than fifty words, ending with the author’s institutional affiliation and postal and email addresses in brackets, like this: [Department of Art and Art History, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712, jones@address.edu].

When a manuscript is submitted for consideration, the author should send low-resolution versions of all illustrations, combined with captions in a single Word document of no more than 10MB. If the manuscript is accepted, the author will need to work quickly to supply either high-resolution digital files or photographic materials for the images (we will supply guidelines on image resolution). The author must also decide whether each image can be published under fair use or if a permission must be obtained; if the latter, it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permissions and to pay all reproduction fees. (Please see CAA’s resources on Fair Use and and Images Sources and Rights Clearance Agencies.) Any documents granting permission should be kept by the author, who will provide copies when submitting final materials for publication to the editorial assistant.


The submission package should include:

  • The manuscript in Microsoft Word, all elements of which must be double spaced (including notes and numbered captions)
  • An illustration list in Microsoft Word, also double spaced
  • A Microsoft Word file no larger than 10 MB containing all illustrations
  • A cover sheet with author’s name, a 50-word biographical statement (double spaced), and the manuscript’s total word count, including all text and notes
  • A 100-word abstract of the article

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