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The Committee on Diversity Practices supports the development of global perspectives on art and visual culture. The committee promotes artistic, curatorial, scholarly, and institutional practices that deepen appreciation of political and cultural heterogeneity as educational and professional values. To that end, the committee assesses and evaluates the development and implementation of curricular innovation, new research methods, curatorial and pedagogical strategies, and hiring practices that contribute to the realization of these goals.


The Resource Directory for Diversity Practices, compiled by the Committee on Diversity Practices, provides a range of materials that is useful for incorporating issues about diversity in its various forms into the classroom. The committee invites submissions of syllabi, bibliographies, internet links, databases, assessment materials, pedagogic activities and exercises, and other relevant documents to post in its Diversity Resource Directory in order to assist others in searching and utilizing materials on diversity and/or to expand the breadth of the art field beyond Europe and North America. Notions of diversity encompass but are not limited to: race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, creed, age, class, political views, veteran status, and physical challenges. Please use this form to submit a resource.


Julie L. McGee, University of Delaware (2019),  Chair
Mariola Alvarez, Temple University (2021)
Flora B. Anthony, Kennesaw State University (2020)
Amanda L. Bagneris, Tulane University (2021)
Audrey G. Bennett, University of Michigan, CAA Board liaison, ex officio
Christopher Bennett, University of Louisiana (2020)
Kim Blodgett, Westminster Schools (2019)
Katherine Brion, New College of Florida  (2020)
Radha Dalal, Virginia Commonwealth Univ. Qatar (2019)
Nicole Dearmendi, Converse College, Spartanburg, SC (2021)  
Shannon Forrester, Royal College of Art (RCA) (2020)
Nikki A. Greene, Wellesley College (2021)
Damon McArthur, Western Illinois University, (2021)
Chika Okeke-Agulu, Princeton University, CAA Board liaison, ex officio
Eugene Rodriguez, De Anza College (2021)
Raél Jero Salley, Maryland Institute College of Art (2020)
Claudia Marion Stemberger, Duke University (2021)  
Roberto Tejada, University of Houston, CAA VP for Diversity & Inclusion, Ex officio
Daniel Tsai, Publications & Programs Administrator, CAA Staff Liaison
Alison Chang, Sponsorship and Partnership Manager, CAA Staff Liaison
Tobias Wofford, Virginia Commonwealth University (2020)    
Julia A. Sienkewicz, Roanoke  College, VP for Committees, ex officio (2019)