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Education Committee (photograph by Bradley Marks)

The Education Committee promotes the visual arts as an essential aspect of human activity; as a creative endeavor and subject of cultural and historical inquiry and critical appreciative activity, and encourages excellence in teaching at all levels. Its focus is on pedagogy at the higher education level in art history, visual culture, studio, aesthetics, and art criticism, and on the interface between arts teaching and learning research and practice.

The Education Committee welcomes dialogue with all CAA members and arts professionals. If you have a question, concern, or comment, please contact Virginia Spivey, committee chair.


Virginia Spivey, Independent Art Historian and Educational Consultant, Chair (2020)
Patricia Berman, Wellesley College (2020) 
Judy Bullington, Belmont University (2019)
Rebecca Easby, Trinity Washington University (2019)
Johanna Ruth Epstein, Independent Art Historian, Critic (2019)
Dahlia Elsayed, CUNY-LaGuardia Community College, CAA Board liaison, (2019)
Karen Gergely, Graceland University (2021)
Glenn Holmstrom, Neumann University (2020)
Ellen Mueller, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2020)
Anne Norcross, Kendall College of Art and Design (2019)
Nick Obourn, Director of Communications, Marketing and Membership, CAA Staff liaison
Ellen Anna Osterkamp, Lane Community College (2021)
Morgan T. Paine, Florida Gulf Coast University (2020)
Andrea Rusnock, Indiana University, South Bend (2020)
Denise Williams, Membership Communications Coordinator, CAA Staff liaison
Jacqulyn Ann Williams, Virginia Commonwealth Univ. School of the Arts, Qatar (2021)
Julia Sienkewicz, VP for Committees, Roanoke College