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The Committee on Diversity Practices supports the development of global perspectives on art and visual culture. The committee promotes artistic, curatorial, scholarly, and institutional practices that deepen appreciation of political and cultural heterogeneity as educational and professional values. To that end, the committee assesses and evaluates the development and implementation of curricular innovation, new research methods, curatorial and pedagogical strategies, and hiring practices that contribute to the realization of these goals.

In 2018, CAA established a Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion role on the board of directors. In the same year, the organization issued a Values Statement on Diversity and Inclusion, which unequivocally supports all individuals who work in the visual arts and defines inclusion as an evolving and collaborative process. A record number of sessions at the 2018 Annual Conference and the 2019 Annual Conference reinforced CAA’s focus on diversity and inclusion.


John Corso-Esquivel, Chair, Davidson College (2025),

 Anne H. Berry, Cleveland State University (2024)  
Abigail Lapin Dardashti, San Francisco State University (2024)  
Rachel Lynn de Cuba, Clemson University (2024) 
Nina Horisaki-Christians, Columbia University (2026)
Nazar Kozak, National Academy of Sciences & Ivan Franko University of Lviv, CAA Board Liaison, Ex Officio
CK (Kaia) Olsen, University of Illinois, Chicago (2026)
Cory Pillen, Fort Lewis College (2024)  
Gonzalo Pinilla , Knox College (2026)
Gillian Sneed, San Diego State University (2024)  
Kelly Walters, The New School, CAA VP for Diversity & Inclusion, Ex Officio
Yang Wang, College of Arts & Media, University of Colorado (2025)