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Graduate Programs in the Arts

The College Art Association’s 2014 editions of Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts and Graduate Programs in Art History are comprehensive resources that feature updated information about 630 graduate programs in 400 schools in Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond. Together the four-subject volumes provide detailed information about graduate programs in fine art and design, art and architectural history, curatorial studies, arts administration, and more (see sample entries). Print volumes of the 2014 editions are now available for sale. In addition, the 2013 editions of e-book volumes of individual subject areas are also available.

New this year, CAA is offering PDF files of individual programs (updated in 2014) free of charge via two methods: search and browse. Anyone can search the directories online by program type, faculty specialization, awarded degrees, country, region, state, availability of health insurance, and whether or not part-time students are admitted and create a customized PDF file with up to twenty (20) individual programs based on the search criteria. Search results include the program type, its location, and the program name and description, while the PDF file gives an in-depth profile of each program. For in-depth profiles of each program, browse the directories by institution and download individual program entries as PDF files.

Print volumes are delivered via USPS with several delivery options available. E-books (as PDF or ePub files) can be downloaded twice and are compatible with your personal computer and most smart phones and e-readers (excluding Kindles). The following volumes are available:

Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts: The CAA Directory (2014)
480 pp.; Paper $55/$59 (member/nonmember)

Graduate Programs in Art History: The CAA Directory (2014)
308 pp.; Paper $55/$59 (member/nonmember)

Graduate Programs in Studio Art and Design: The CAA Directory (2013)
345 pp.; Ebook $28

Graduate Programs in the History of Art and Architecture: The CAA Directory (2013)
216 pp.; Ebook $24

Graduate Programs in Art Education: The CAA Directory (2013)
74 pp.; Ebook $20

Graduate Programs in Curatorial and Museum Studies: The CAA Directory (2013)
55 pp.; Ebook $18

Graduate Programs in Film Production: The CAA Directory (2013)
38 pp.; Ebook $18

Graduate Programs in Arts Administration: The CAA Directory (2013)
20 pp.; Ebook $15

Graduate Programs in Conservation and Historic Preservation: The CAA Directory (2013)
18 pp.; Ebook $15

Graduate Programs in Library Science: The CAA Directory (2013)
7 pp.; Ebook $7

About the Directories

CAA’s directories of graduate programs in the arts are comprehensive resources of programs in fine art and design, art and architectural history, curatorial studies, arts administration, film production, library science, art education, and conservation and historic preservation. These guides list 400 schools across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more.

The directories provide prospective graduate students with the information they need to begin the application process. The directories are also key professional references for career-services representatives, department chairs, graduate and undergraduate advisors, librarians, professional-practices educators, and professors interested in helping emerging generations of artists and scholars find success.

Graduate Programs in Art History covers four program types: History of Art and Architecture, Arts Administration, Curatorial and Museum Studies, and Library Science. This directory integrates programs in visual studies into History of Art and Architecture. Similarly, Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts comprises four program types: Studio Art and Design, Art Education, Conservation and Historic Preservation, and Film Production. Studio Art and Design combines programs in fine art, digital media, and illustration with those in graphic, industrial, interactive, and object design.

Organized alphabetically by institution name within each program type noted above, entries describe curricula, class size, faculty specializations, admission and degree requirements, library and studio facilities, opportunities for fellowships and assistantships, and more. Readers can draw important conclusions from these facts, such as the possibility of receiving financial aid and the competitiveness of a program based on the amount of applications received and accepted. Need health insurance or housing while in school? Many programs provide details about what they offer.

Ordering and Contact Instructions

Individuals can order through CAA’s website. If you are ordering for a school, institution, or department within a college or university, please download the order form and return the completed version with payment to Roberta Lawson, CAA office coordinator. We are unable to process Institutional orders online. Your order will be processed within three to five business days.

Questions about ordering?
Please contact Roberta Lawson, CAA office coordinator, at 212-392-4404. Orders for CAA publications are not refundable.

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