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College Art Association


Affiliated Societies

CAA welcomes as affiliated societies groups of art professionals and other organizations whose goals are generally consonant with those of CAA, with a view toward facilitating intercommunication and mutual enrichment. It is required that a substantial number of the members of such groups will already be members of CAA. To be recognized by CAA as an affiliated society, a group must be national in scope and must present evidence that:

  • It is primarily, or in large part, committed to the serious practice and advancement of the visual arts or to the study of some broad, major area of the history of art
  • It possesses a formal organizational structure, that is, elected officers, an identifiable membership, and signs of ongoing activity such as a newsletter, periodical, exhibition record, or other documentation


Applications for affiliated-society status will be screened by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. The committee’s rulings may be appealed to the board.


An annual membership category has been created for affiliates, which must be in good standing in order to receive the benefits described on this page. Please download, complete, and return the membership form. Member dues correspond to the size of the affiliated society:

  • Up to 100 individual members: $55
  • 101 to 1,000 individual members: $110
  • 1,001 to 5,000 individual members: $245
  • Over 5,000 individual members: $365

Online Directory

CAA publishes an online Directory of Affiliated Societies that includes the following information as provided by the societies: name, date of founding, size of membership, annual dues, name and address of president and/or corresponding secretary, and a statement of twenty-five to fifty words on the society’s nature or purpose. Each year, affiliates will receive a reminder about the directory, at which time the above information, as well as a current list of individual affiliate members, should be submitted to Nick Obourn, Director of Comunications and Marketing, at

CAA News

Information and articles about affiliated societies appear every two months in Affiliated Society News. Let the CAA community know about the new and exciting things your organization is doing—activities, awards, publications, conferences, and exhibition announcements are all accepted.

Affiliated-society members can also submit longer pieces on work in their organization. We encourage you to think about programs in your organization to write about. This could be a new or existing project, or a spotlight on a fellow or scholar in your organization. We welcome images with these stories as well. We plan to feature these stories in CAA News and on the website and spread the word through social media. These stories should also go to Nick Obourn at

In addition, all affiliated societies are welcome to post, at any time, their calls for papers, conference notices, and award applications to CAA’s Opportunities.

Annual Conference

CAA will provide each affiliated society with facilities for one session lasting up to ninety minutes and one business meeting at the Annual Conference. In conference materials, the sessions and meeting will be identified with the name of the affiliated society. Subsequent proposals may be submitted separately by individuals, to be peer reviewed by the Annual Conference Committee. Subsequent submissions that are accepted will not be labeled as an affiliated-society session.

If audio visual equipment is required by the society for its ninety-minute session or business meeting, it will be provided at the society’s expense, unless the equipment requested is already present for program sessions, in which case it will be provided free of charge. Technical assistance will be provided for sessions by CAA; however, if CAA's staff’s services are required for business meetings, it will be the responsibility of the affiliated society to request assistance in a timely fashion, and to reimburse CAA for the services at the standard rate for that year. All affiliated-society sessions and meetings must begin and end promptly, to avoid schedule conflicts. The meeting and/or session will be listed in Annual Conference materials. Additional information relating to affiliated societies may be distributed in the CAA registration area. Registration for the CAA Annual Conference or purchase of single-time-slot admission tickets is required of those affiliated-society members who wish to attend the full conference.


The affiliated societies' listserv is a forum for the groups to post announcements, press releases, and other information, as well as to enhance communication among the groups or with CAA staff. All affiliated societies are encouraged to participate actively.


Liaison between affiliated societies and CAA is maintained by the director of communications and marketing and the officers of the affiliated societies. The executive officer of an affiliated society or his or her representative may be invited to a CAA board meeting to act as a resource person when, in the opinion of the CAA president, issues arise in which his or her expertise is needed.


Download an application to become an affiliated society. For further information, please contact Nick Obourn, CAA director of communications and marketing, at 212-392-4401. For membership questions, contact Member Services at 212-691-1051, ext. 1.