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The Museum Committee provides a bridge between scholars and arts professionals in the academic and museum fields. It offers a forum for the discussion of issues of mutual interest and promotes museum advocacy issues within CAA. The committee lends support and mentorship for both seasoned and emerging professionals to protect and interpret the arts within museums.


The Museum Committee’s current projects include conducting a survey of museum-affiliated CAA members to assess how the committee can better serve their interests, and working on a broader CAA initiative encouraging museums to share images of works in their collections to scholars free of charge. The committee also serves an advocacy role in museum-deaccession issues and connects with two CAA affiliated societies, the Association of Art Museum Curators and the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries, when appropriate.


Chair: Colette Apelian, Independent Scholar, University of California, Los Angeles (2023)

Nancy Wellington Bookheart, Paine College, Augusta, GA (2024)
Kristy Harper Buchanan, Curator of Collections, Rockwell Museum, Corning, NY (2024)
Cali Buckley, Grants and Special Programs Manager, CAA
Xenia Gazi, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL (2023)
Amanda Gilvin, Wellesley College (2022)
Rex Koontz, University of Houston (2024)
Sarah Magnatta, Denver Art Museum, University of Denver (2022)
Conor Moynihan, RISD Museum, Providence, RI (2023)
Lauren Rosati, Metropolitan Museum of Art (2022)
Gwyneth Shanks, Colby College (2024)
Rebecca Tucker, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (2022)