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The Nominating Committee is charged with nominating and interviewing candidates to the CAA Board of Directors and selecting the final slate of candidates. In making its selection, the Nominating Committee takes under advisement the desire for a balanced representation of the CAA membership. (see Art. VIII, Sect. 4 of the CAA By-laws).

The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall be selected from among Elected Directors who are no longer on the Board. The Nominating Committee Chair does not vote in this committee's deliberations, except in the case of a tie vote. The committee includes three board members in their last two years of service who are not elected officers, the board chooses these three at its February meeting. The committee also includes four at-large members who are selected by the previous year’s committee, one of these at-large members returns from past year’s committee.

CAA publishes a call for nominations and self-nominations for Nominating Committee service in CAA News and on the website in late fall of every year.


Robert Tejada, Chair, University of Houston, Former CAA Board Member no end date 

Lynne D. Allen, Boston University, CAA Vice President for Committees, Ex Officio (2023) 
Tiffany Holmes, Maryland Institute College of Art, CAA Board Member (2024)  
Meme Omogbai, CAA Executive Director and CEO, Ex Officio no end date  
Katy Rogers, The Dedalus Foundation, CAA Board Member (2024) 
Ken Wissoker, Duke University Press, CAA Board Member (2024)  


Please direct all queries regarding the Nominating Committee, including how to join it, to