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Conference Participation Rules/FAQs

  Conference Participation Rules 

  • All session participants must be CAA Individual Members through the conference dates. 
  • All session participants must register for the Conference component in which they are presenting. 
  • Three ways to participate at CAA: all session participants may take part in the conference in up to three ways each year. They may serve as a: 1) Session Chair; 2) Paper/Project Presenter; and 3) Session Discussant. Each member may not, however, serve in any single role more than once per conference. 
  • Your session, presentation or paper content, may not have been published previously or presented at another scholarly conference. 
  • You may submit to multiple sessions but may deliver only one presentation during the conference. If you have multiple accepted presentations, you must withdraw all but one by notifying the Chair(s). 
  • If your Individual Paper/Presentation proposal was accepted during CAA's spring submission call, you may still apply to a session listed in the summer Call for Participation. However, if accepted to multiple sessions, you must withdraw all but one accepted presentation per conference. 


Format and Submissions
Conference Participation Agreement
Health and Safety Protocols

We will update this page frequently. Thanks for your patience and flexibility! 

This information is current as of August 6, 2021.

Annual Conference

Format and Submissions

Q: What format will CAA 2022 take?  
A:CAA is pleased to announce that we will deliver the 110th Annual Conference with in-person and virtual, live sessions in two components. Approximately 150 in-person sessions will be held at the Hilton Chicago from February 16–19, and 50 virtual, live sessions will be held on Zoom from March 3–5. Online access to recordings of in-person and virtual sessions and presentations will continue for conference registrants until April 14, 2022. All sessions will be 90 minutes long, organized at the discretion of each session chair. Updates will follow, and more details will be communicated to CAA committees, members, and submitters as soon as they become available.
Q: What do I need to submit a session for the Annual Conference?   
 A: Please review the list on this page.   
Q: Do I need to complete my submission in one sitting?  
 A: Once you begin a submission and move to the second step, you will receive an invitation email and link to return to your submission. You may work on the submission in stages until the proposal deadline.  
Q: Can I submit a presentation with my co-author(s)?  
 A: Yes, you or your chair should look for the “Additional Authors for this Paper” prompt in the submission form and add your co presenter(s) there. All presenters must have a record in the CAA Member database, in order to be added in the presentation or any online submission. If you have never been a CAA member, see more info on this FAQ page. 
Q:  If my proposal is accepted, do I have to submit a finished paper?   
 A: CAA does not ask participants to submit complete papers, only a proofread abstract. You may be asked by your chair to provide your paper, or you may wish to share it among your co-presenters.    
Q: Can I plan something other than a traditional panel?   
 A: Yes! Feedback from our attendees and participants reveals that they want to take in information and learn in alternative formats. This could involve audience engagement, lightning talks, photo essays, artist talks, conversation-based discussions, and more.   
Q: Do I have to be a CAA member to submit a proposal?   
A: An Individual CAA member ID or non-member ID is required to submit a proposal. Chairs must collect the CAA member ID numbers of their session participants and confirm each when adding them inside the submission form.  
Q: What if I have never been a CAA member?

If you have never been a member of CAA at the time you submit the proposal, you can still submit—email CAA Membership Services at to request a non-member CAA ID so that you can move forward with your submission. Please note the new IDs may not sync to the submission portal until the next business day.  

Upon acceptance of your proposal, you (and your session participants) must become an active CAA member, by bringing the non-member CAA ID current by signing into CAA, selecting and purchasing a membership level. Learn more about CAA membership.

Q: Can I use our Institutional Member ID to submit a proposal?   
A: No, only an Individual CAA member ID and password will allow you to begin a submission.
Q: Is CAA membership required to participate on a CAA session?   
 A: Yes, upon acceptance, all session participants (chairs, presenters, discussants) must be or become  current individual members of CAA in order to participate in conference sessions. Institutional member IDs may not be used to propose or participate in sessions.   
Q: Is CAA membership required to participate on an Affiliated Society or CAA Professional or Publications Committee guaranteed session?   
 A: Yes, all participation rules apply to guaranteed Affiliated Society and Professional or Publications Committee sessions. These sessions require conference registration to participate. 
Q: I submitted a proposal to the CFP but have not heard from the chair if my work was accepted. What should I do?   
 A: As chairs are responsible for organizing their own sessions, we are unfortunately unable to provide any details on the status of your submission. The deadline for chairs to finalize their session details is September 23, 2021. If this date has passed and you would like further clarification or confirmation of receipt from the chair, we encourage you to follow up with them directly.    
Q: I’m organizing a session Soliciting Contributors and have not received very many submissions. What should I do?   
 A: We promote the Call for Participation on our website and send out announcements on CAA News. We encourage chairs to distribute the information to their own networks.   
Q: I’m a session chair and have received many submissions for the CFP. Would it be possible to organize a second session?   
 A: While we are pleased that you received such a positive response to your session, due to our large number of sessions and space limitations, we must limit chairs to one session each. We encourage you to collaborate with those who you do not select for this year’s conference on a future CAA session.  

Conference Participation Agreement

Q: Do all participants have to sign the Participation Agreement?   
 A: Yes, chairs and presenters participating in sessions must sign the Agreement in their Speaker’s Corner. The Agreement will be available in the Speaker’s Corner at the time of acceptance. 
Q: Do all participants have to agree to be recorded?
 A: Within the Speaker’s Corner, all chairs and presenters scheduled in the in-person component of the Annual Conference have the option to opt out of having their presentation recorded. If you opt out of recording, your participation will be noted in the schedule, but not available in the recorded content available after the in-person dates.

Chairs and presenters scheduled in the virtual component of the Annual Conference must agree to be recorded in order to participate, as part of the Participation Agreement in the Speaker’s Corner. Each virtual session will be recorded as one 90-minute recording. 
Q: May I promote and market my session to my own personal and professional network?   
 A: Yes, the Participation Agreement only disallows sales or promotion of a product or service as part of your presentation.  

Health and Safety Protocols

Q: What are the health and safety protocols for the Annual Conference?   
 A: CAA and all of our Annual Conference partners are committed to following all the most current safety protocols as they apply to COVID-19 up to and during the time of the event. We will continue to keep participants up to date with decisions that effect the conference format.


We know we may not have answered all of your questions. Please let us know! Email questions to