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Conference Participation Rules/FAQs

Updated January 7, 2022.

Please send any questions to

  Conference Participation Rules 

  • All session participants must be CAA Individual Members through the conference dates. 
  • All session participants must register for the conference 
  • Three ways to participate at CAA: all session participants may take part in the conference in up to three ways each year. They may serve as a: 1) Session Chair; 2) Paper/Project Presenter; and 3) Session Discussant. Each member may not, however, serve in any single role more than once per conference. 
  • Your session, presentation or paper content, may not have been published previously or presented at another scholarly conference. 
  • You may submit to multiple sessions but may deliver only one presentation during the conference. If you have multiple accepted presentations, you must withdraw all but one by notifying the Chair(s). 
  • If your Individual Paper/Presentation proposal was accepted during CAA's spring submission call, you may still apply to a session listed in the summer Call for Participation. However, if accepted to multiple sessions, you must withdraw all but one accepted presentation per conference. 



Conference Format

Q: What is different this year? 
  • The 110th Annual Conference will have live virtual sessions and access to recorded content. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will not convene in person. See our conference page for more information.  
  • The conference will kick off with Convocation, which will take place virtually on Wednesday, February 16, at 6:00 p.m. Convocation includes a message from CAA leadership, recognition of the Distinguished Award recipients, and a keynote address from Juan Salgado, Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago. Virtual sessions and other conference activities will begin on Thursday, February 17.   
  • To allow time and space for individuals to best experience the quantity of sessions and activities that are planned, the conference will maintain its schedule of two components, the first February 16–19 and the second March 3-5. Both components will be virtual.  
  • The virtual Book and Trade Fair will have thirty exhibitors offering the latest in publications, products, and services for visual-arts professionals. It will be open from February 16 to April 14. 
  • All recordings from both components will be accessible to registrants after processing until April 14, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.  
Q: In which time zone will the sessions and events be listed? 
  • The virtual session schedule can be viewed in the viewer's time zone by clicking the "My Time" icon in the upper-left corner of the schedule page.  
  • Check out the online schedule and its icons. Registrants can sign in and create custom schedules and more! 
Q: What is recorded and what is not recorded?  

All special events and most sessions will be recorded in full. Before the pivot to all virtual, session participants in the in-person component of the Annual Conference could opt out of having their individual presentation recorded. Due to the pivot to all virtual, this opting out can only go forward if the entire session agrees. CAA will follow up directly with all February participants. 

  • As planned, all virtual sessions from March 3-5 will be recorded and these recordings will be available to all registrants until April 14.  
  • Participation agreements and recording permissions have been collected from in-person chairs and presenters through their Speaker Corner and are due by January 31. If you are a participant, check your inbox for emails from Due to the change to virtual, participants for the February 17-19 sessions no longer need to send their PowerPoint presentations in advance.  
  • The Q&A periods will not be recorded. 
  • These policies were set at the request of CAA membership.  
Q:What does the camera icon mean in the online schedule?
  • The camera recording icon indicates that a session is recorded. If there is no icon listed in the schedule, the session will not be recorded. Check the schedule closely to plan your live session attendance!
Q: How do I access recordings? 
  • Sign into the online schedule (or mobile app, once that is launched) using your registration credentials. If the session or presentation was recorded and has been processed, you will see the video viewer on the session’s page. Please allow 4-5 business days from the live session for recordings to be processed.
Q: How can I connect with other attendees through the online schedule? 
  • Once you register and sign into the online schedule, go to your profile to set preferences. You can include as many ways to connect as you wish (or prefer not to!) At the same time, you can set a preference to appear in the conference’s registrant list, among other options.  

Q: What type of events will happen at the virtual conference? 
  • CAA has gone back to basics with a focus on sessions, meetings, the Book and Trade Fair, and key events. Now that the conference has gone fully virtual, these events will continue in the virtual sphere.  
  • CAA will not be holding workshops or poster sessions at the 2022 conference. As we work to build programming beyond the conference, our goal is to create opportunities for more member collaboration.  

Registration and Planning 

Q: I originally registered for the All-Access registration. What does this mean now that the conference has gone completely virtual?
  • If you registered for all-access before January 7, 2022, we will contact you regarding the $50 differential from the new price. You have three choices: 1) to be credited for the difference; 2) to be refunded the $50 difference, or 3) to donate the money to CAA.  You will be receiving more value with All-Access Virtual format. 

Q: I originally registered for the Virtual only registration, what does this mean now that the conference has gone completely virtual?    
  • If you registered for Virtual only option before January 7, 2022, your registration now gives you all access to the live sessions and recordings from both the March 3–5 component and the February 16–19 component. You are now receiving more value with the All-Access Virtual format. 

Health and Safety  

Based on the information and the recent feedback we’ve received from members with concerns about convening in person, the recent rapid development of the Omicron COVID variant, and the uncertainty of the weeks and months ahead, we have decided to make the CAA 2022 Annual Conference entirely virtual.

Participation Details  

Q: Do all conference participants have to sign the participation agreement?  
  • Yes, chairs and presenters participating in sessions must sign the agreement in their Speaker’s Corner. The agreement is available the Speaker’s Corner at the time of acceptance.  
Q: Do all participants have to agree to be recorded?  
  • We encourage everyone to allow recording of their session. Allowing your presentation to be recorded increases opportunities for conference registrants to engage with your content and connect with you.  

  • Before the pivot to all virtual, session participants in the in-person component of the Annual Conference could opt out of having their individual presentation recorded. Due to the pivot to all virtual, this opting out can only go forward if the entire session agrees.  CAA will follow up directly with all February participants. 

  • If a February session opts out of recording, the sessions will be held live at the scheduled time and no recording will be available to registrants afterwards. 

  • Each session will be recorded as one ninety-minute Zoom meeting, not as individual presentations.  

Q: May I promote and market my session to my own personal and professional network?   
  • Yes! The participation agreement only disallows sales or promotion of a product or service as part of your presentation.
Q: Does CAA have a Code of Conduct? 
  • We expect everyone at the conference to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Please review our Code of Conduct.  
Q: I was previously scheduled for an in-person session. What do I need to know?
  • February session participants no longer need to upload their presentation files to the Speaker’s Corner in advance. This gives you more time to prepare and adjust. Just arrive to your scheduled session ready to present in Zoom. The scheduled time will not change, and all sessions are set in CST, but can be viewed in the schedule in your time zone. 

  • In-person component presenters had the option to opt out of being recorded. In the virtual pivot this opting out can only go forward if the whole session agrees. All February component participants will receive new guidance and should refer to the resources page. 

  • Those scheduled in March are not impacted by the pivot except to now have access to both conference components when they register.

Q: I’m a virtual session participant. What do I need to know? 
  • A: All virtual sessions will be live Zooms as scheduledUnlike in 2021, CAA will not require pre-recorded uploads from chairs or speakers. See our detailed information for participants in emails from and on our Resources pages. 
Q:  What suggestions do you have for first time attendees? 
  • Whether it’s your first conference or your twenty-first, make time to connect with new colleagues whether in person or virtually! Also, be sure to read all about the conference format. We have additional suggestions on our Resources pages. 


Q: When will submission applications for the 111th Annual Conference (New York, 2023) be open, and what will the format be? 
  • The submission forms will open March 14, 2022, and close April 26, 2022. We will survey CAA membership after the 2022 conference concludes in order to make an informed decision about the conference format that best meets our members’ needs.