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Annual Conference Committee: Apply

CAA invites nominations and self-nominations for at-large members of the Annual Conference Committee to serve a three-year term. The term begins in February 2023. 

Each member contributes collaboratively to the work of the committee as listed below: 

  • Assists in finalizing the selection of Annual Conference proposals as reviewed by the CAA Council of Readers
  • Each ACC member meets virtually with a small group of readers to support their work during the review period (May) 
  • Creates sessions comprised of individual papers and projects where a formal chair has not been identified. Supports the participants in preparing for conference as needed.  
  • Assists in scheduling accepted sessions  
  • Proposes candidates for distinguished speakers 
  • Collaborates on proposing ways to increase conference participation and attendance 
  • As part of CAA’s ongoing repositioning, the Annual Conference Committee members may be called to support new smaller programs outside the conference. 


The Annual Conference Committee meets regularly throughout the year: 

  • February – (Format determined annually) during the Annual Conference to examine and discuss the current conference and ideas for the upcoming conference; 
  • March-June – Monthly meetings (Virtually) to orient members, support and later finalize the recommendations by the Council of Readers for the upcoming Annual Conference; draft the program schedule; 
  • October-Jan –  (Virtually) Meet as needed to review final plans and any needed changes for the Annual Conference up to two years out. 

The Annual Conference Committee seeks collaborative and engaged members from all parts of CAA’s constituency. 

Please email with any questions.