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RAAMP Coffee Gathering: Digital Aesthetics

In this Coffee Gathering Cali Buckley,  CAA’s Grants and Special Programs Manager, discusses curating digital art with Professor C.J. Yeh and Exhibitions Manager Austin Thomas from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in house at CAA’s headquarters.

C.J. Yeh is an artist, educator, published author, and Professor of Creative Technology and Design at FIT. Yeh’s research interests include practices, theories, and the history of digital art. He is the author of The History and Development of Digital Art (2005), Digital Aesthetics? (2008), and Digital Art in Taiwan (2012) and has curated over 20 exhibitions featuring digital art. Yeh has also lectured and exhibited his creative work internationally, including USA, Italy, Taiwan, and Canada. Since 1998, C.J. Yeh has been exploring the area of new media art which he has integrated into his more traditional areas of study and expression. The juxtaposition and integration of digital and analog, virtual and actual, natural and cultural, articulates his point of view on the changing perception of identity and reality in the digital era.

Austin Thomas is an exhibition manager at FIT and has more than 20 years of experience working at galleries and museums.  She owned and operated her own community-oriented, artist-centered art space known as “Pocket Utopia.” She was a curatorial fellow at the Morgan Lehman Gallery and has managed several artist’ studio practices, lectured at many of the area colleges and universities, and is a part-time faculty member at The New School.

Publications by C.J. Yeh

C.J. Yeh, guest curator of Culture and Identity in the Digital Age at the Taipei Gallery

The Moment at NY Hall of Science

Experience exhibition at Fashion Institute of Technology


TYPE at Fashion Institute of Technology


Links to resources mentioned in the Coffee Gathering:

C.J. Yeh’s Website

C.J. Yeh’s work MyData=MyMondrian on display during the EQUALS exhibition at Queens Museum

An article on the EQUALS exhibition

#IMPACT VR posters

The Moment, an exhibition C.J. Yeh curated for the New York Hall of Science

New Experience, an exhibition Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (JCAL)